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Revolver is an easy to use and stylized action bar for Spellslingers that provides a condensed display of information that is easy to monitor so you can quickly get the information you need without losing focus in combat. Also, it looks badass.

This addon has been specially designed to respect and enhance the Spellslinger's style. The HUD looks like, you guessed it, a revolver. Your eight abilities are loaded into the revolver cylinder like special bullets, with easy to see cooldown timers and all the trimmings. The abilities will also change if you are driving a quest vehicle. SpellSurge is displayed by a large glowing sigil that appears in the center of Revolver to prevent any chance of accidentally firing off surged shots when you don't mean to. Other elements of the HUD will also glow to let you know that Surge is active.

Below your abilities is a focus bar that will keep track of your current focus level. Above that are two dodge indicators. And along the outer edge is your SpellSurge meter. Each 1/4th of the meter equals one surge shot. But this is better represented by the special bullets...

Along the side of Revolver are bullets that represent different abilities. You have the four SpellSurge bullets which will glow when Surge is active and will disappear/reappear depending on if you have them available. Other currently implemented special bullets are in the list below. More will be added for specific abilities throughout development.

Special Bullets
- SpellSurge:  4 blue bullets that will glow when spell surge is active.
- Assassinate:  2-3 black bullets that will glow red if the target is below 30% health.

Bullets still in development...
- Healing Torrent:  1 golden bullet that only appears if HT is off cooldown and the debuff is not active.
- Flame Burst:  1 explosive bullet that appears after a crit when FB is available to use.
- Ignite:  1 fiery bullet that appears after the last tick of ignite has taken effect.
* Please suggest any other bullets that you think would be useful.


Revolver also offers a myriad of options so you can customize it to fit into your interface. It can be scaled, locked in place, shown only in combat, show the focus bar only with specific actions sets, and more. By default Revolver will hide the Carbine action bar and resource indicator, but you can switch them back on if you prefer. Although some ability button effects will be absent in Revolver if the Carbine action bar is not hidden.

Since the recommended way to use Revolver is without the default Carbine HUD elements, there is also an ItemBar available to you that contains your gadget, path skill, potion, and your three teleports. You can scale and move it wherever you want, hide the frame, or hide it all together if you prefer not to use it.


/Revolver  to bring up the menu, or use the escape menu button.


Revolver is a project that has been in development for over three months now, but that doesn't mean we're done yet! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or bug reports then please feel free to post them. Enjoy! Also, special thanks to Iyravega, HitButton, and everyone else on the Wildstar forums who helped me complete this. I would not have been able to do it without you guys.


To-do list...
- More special bullets
- Better potion selection functionality
- Make surge bar fill more smoothly
- Additional surge sigils that can be chosen in the menu
- Add animated effects
- Option to flip the special bullets to the opposite side