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Create and manage a list of housing plots so that you can visit them easily.

Once installed, type /revisit to open up its window.  You must be on a housing plot to open the window.


Revisit Main Window


  • To visit any of the plots on the list, select it and click the arrow button. 
  • When on a plot click the (+) button to add that plot to the shortcut list. 
  • To remove a shortcut click the (-) button.
  • To return home click the reload button on the left.
  • To open the options window click the Settings gear
  • To open the Quick Vist box click the Quick Visit icon

The Addon will remember window position, size and if it was open or closed.  If you leave Housing with the window open it will automatically close and reopen when you return.

 The list displayed is currently stored at the server level and filtered by faction.

 While the intention is to add plot names by visiting them first via other means (eg. The Visit Player By Name text box on the form opened by the Make Some Friends button) you can add names by typing /revisit add FirstName LastName in a chat box.



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