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RaidOps LootHex Beta

Different approach to Master Loot.


This is a side project and I'm looking for feedback whether somebody like this approach.


Copy/paste from github:


A little how to :
When item drops it will appear in :
* Loot pool
* Random pool
* If items are left in the random pool they will be distributed at random piece by piece. You can filter what goes to random pool by pressing blue button on the right of this container.
* Random filters have two options 1. Only put item in random pool 2. Just assign item and forget


Each item can be drag&dropped between pools , recipients and action slot (for bidding - requires main RaidOps addon). When you have finished moving items where needed just press 'Ship items'. There will be small summary(depending on settings). Addon has built-in 'NotNowMasterLoot' functionality.


You can use following slash commands:
/ropshex - for settings
/ropshexf - for random filters


There are probably some bugs, but if you like the core concept let me know and I'll develop it further! :)
Write your thoughts in the comments or here on github!


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