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RaidLooter is a Master-looting addon for wildstar raiding that replaces the default Carbine addon. It is intended to make loot distribution during raids simpler and faster.

The Loot Window
This window is used by raid members to view the loot. This window shows a compact overview of all items currently available.
The Management Window
This window is used by the Master looter. This window is bigger and more complex then the simple loot-window. Unless you are distributing loot you will not see this window.

Raid looter is completly independent of other addons which mean that not everyone needs it. Rolls from raiders not using it will still show!



  • Roll sessions.
  • Roll popups.
  • Minified overlay.
  • Loot queuing.
  • Improved item details.
  • Automatic loot hand out based on rules.
  • Improved UI


  • Improved context menu - Right clicking an item
    • Item details - Shows; Name, Type, Dropped at, Stacks and if the item is queued.
    • Link to chat and preview - same as the normal context menu.
    • Add rule - Autocompletes a new rule for the selected  item. Enabled for the leader.
    • Unqueue - Removes the selected item from the loot queue. Enabled fo the leader. 
  • Roll top-list
  • Roll popup with option for main-spec, off-spec or costume rolls. 

Loot Window

  • Option for inline roll dialog rather then a popup.

Management Window

  • Two tabs:
    • Distribution
    • Autolooting rules.

The distribution tab:

  • Buttons:
    • Select/Unselect all items.
    • Assign - assigns all selected items to the currently selected recipient.
    • Randomize - randomizes all selected items one-by-one to all eligible recipient.
    • Begin roll - Starts a new roll session.
    • Reroll - continues a current roll session where the outcome is tied between two or more recipients.
    • End roll - Ends the roll session.
  • Filtering & Sorting
    • By name or item level - Item level is default.
    • Filtering by Light, Medium or Heavy - Looks at the item type [This not localized and will only work for the English client]
      • Options to include; Commodity, other equippables like weapnos, gadgets etc as well as apply the Light, Medium and Heavy to the recipient list.
  •  Helpful tooltips 
    • Hover recipients  to see if they are out-of-range or not. Out of range players will have there loot added to the loot queue rather then given directly. 
    • Hover and items that are slight red will show who it is queued for. 

The rules tab:

  • Enable autolooting must be checked for auto-looting to be enabled. 
  • Buttons:
    • Profiles - Shows a dropdown where one can; Create/Delete/Load or copy rules.
    • Add rules - Shows a dropdown with a form where one can add a new rule to the current profile.
    • Delete - Deletes the currently selected rule.
    • Clear all - Deletes all rules. 

A rules once triggered will either randomize the loot, give it to the current leader or to the designated player if that player is in the group and is eligible for the item. Also note changing loot rules while having loot may trigger autoloot immediately to avoid this uncheck the 'enable autoloot' checkbox. 

Roll sessions

A roll session is triggered by the leader when posting "Roll for: [item-link]" in the party chat (that is what the begin roll button will do)

Other raiders using RaidLooter will show the popup dialog (or the inline if that option is active). Rolls made during the roll window will show up in the roll toplist. It doesn't matter if you have the addon or not. Players that have the addon will see your roll in the toplist anyway.

A roll session ends when the leader presses 'End roll' and/or the item is randmized/assigned to someone. 

In-case the outcome is tied the leader will see an 'Reroll' button which will continue the roll session by posting: "Reroll for: [item-link]"

Known issues 

  • Not localized only supports the English client and maybe french to some degree.
  • The Vince bag-button event is not working.
  • There is currently a bug with the detection of master loot causing the Management window to go back to the loot window unless a reloadui is used. 
  • The item sorting isn't working after a roll session.
  • Tooltips not showing after a /reloadui occurs if the mouse pointer is inside any area that should display a tooltip, the mouse lock is active/ativated and one do /reloadui. (Prehaps why you can't turn mouse lock on when having a Carbine window open :P)
  • Autolooting - Highly untested Not well tested in a raid environment, basic group tests have passed though.
  • The roll popup is poping up for all items and doesn't take a reroll in consideration nor if you actually can use the item.
  • Leaving a party or disbanding it will not properly trigger 'DeactivateAddon' you may have to /reloadui to get ride of the overlay and/or active window if it was present when you left/dispanded. 
  • Rolls are sometimes not registrated in the addon window but can be seen in the chat dialog. 
  • The roll toplist breaks when two or more recipients are tied and then someone else rolls higher..

Slash command

/rl - Toggels the current active window.

Development commands

/rl dev-mode [on|off] - Turns the development mode on or off. 
/rl test-mode [on|off] - Turns the test mode on (activate better-errors and verbose output).
/rl-test gen-loot <num> - Generate <num> more test loot items.
/rl-test rand <num> - Randomizes <num> numbers and prints the debug channel.
/rl-test settings [default|new|<or blank>] - Prints settings.
/rl-test read-setting <setting-path> - Reads a setting given a path e.g. 'tGeneral.bOpenOnLoot'
/rl-test update-loot - Triggers a Master-loot update similar to the real event new loot/recipient goes offline/out-of-range etc.
/rl-test mass-roll <num> - Makes <num> rolls to system channel.
/rl-test set loot-source [inventory|masterloot] - Set the current source for loot can be pulled from the GameLib or the inventory for testing purposes. 
/rl-test set role [leader|member] - Change the current role.
/rl-test set trace-events [on|off] - Turn the event tracer on.
/rl-test set better-errors [on|off] - Allow better errors. Normally disabled due to bug in Link/Unlink..




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