QuickFrames v2

4,606 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 27, 2014 Game Version: API 9

Originally by Dolmur who has since retired from WildStar: Continued by Consensual Lovin @ Entity with permission.

QuickFrames are designed from the ground up with performance in mind. Originally starting as an internal Death and Taxes project to facilitate faster grouping and performance, I have since redesigned them from the ground up to be faster and prettier. Group syncing and custom grouping have been ripped out and, with enough demand, will be incorporated again with some performance boosts!

Big features that these raid frames have are Boost/Food tracking, Class Colors, Options Health Updates, and customizable update intervals. With an additional plugin (QuickFrames_Interrupts) there will also be interrupt tracking. Please keep in mind that everyone needs the plugin in order for tracking to be functional however, the plugin works standalone as well and will provide sync data without having to run QuickFrames (although you should!)


    • /qf - Brings up the settings Window
    • /qf rename OldCharacter NewCharacter - Allows you to rename characters (persists)
    • /qf reset - Resets all settings back to default


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