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4,189 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 4, 2014 Game Version: API 8

This simple, quickly built addon gives you an adjustable button that once clicked will hide the Quest Tracker. Should work with any addon that doesn't replace the Quest Tracker.


/qth Hides/Shows the addon.

/qthunlock Allows movement of the addon via the box that appears.

/qthlock Removes the box and locks the addon in place.

/qthopacity x.x Replace x.x with your choice of value from 0.0 to 1.0 to adjust opacity.

/qthfade Turns on AutoFade for when the mouse is off the button. Opacity settings are overwritten.

/qthnofade Turns off AutoFade. Opacity settings should be reapplied.


QTH Tutorial For The True Beginner:

  1. Install Addon. This can be daunting, so you may want to refer to one of the many hours long YouTube tutorials on the subject.
  2. There should be a little clickable box in the top left of your screen somewhere. Blame the author, he didn't bother learning how to attach it to anything.
  3. If you like where it is for some reason, leave it alone. You're set. Congratulations.
  4. You probably don't like where it was, and that's okay. It's not for everyone, just chilling in an odd upper left corner. Type /qthunlock and let the healing begin.
  5. The healing has began. You can now move the button by clicking the blue window area around the button. Put it somewhere you won't lose it, it may be your engagement ring some day...
  6. Now that you're in a committed relationship with your buttons placement, type /qthlock and kiss the bride. The honeymoon starts!
  7. So it has been a while, always waking up to see the same button all day, every day in your life. Maybe you want to go for a night out with the other UI functions without your love around. QTH respects your need for alone time, so type /qthfade to make the button only appear when you want it to*.
  8. If you start feeling lonely on these excursions and you're feeling comfortable with letting QTH join your social circles again, type /qthnofade. It'll make QTH's day.
  9. Is QTH completely distracting your friends from you? It happens, you can try asking QTH to relax on the visibility a bit by typing /qthopacity and then a number between 0.0 and 1.0. QTH will happily comply, they'll understand.
  10. You're still reading this silliness? I'm shocked. Type /qthspecial for a reward.

*Want it to" not yet supported. "Mind Reading" addon required, soon to come. For now, mouse over will have to suffice.


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