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I'm not playing Wildstar anymore. And therefore ProcsHUD development is discontinued. If someone wants to take over the project, feel free as long as you give credit.

You've been playing your engineer and keep being annoyed that you missed your critical hit proc ? I've got an Addon for you !

ProcsHUD is a more visible interface for the spells associated to a proc. Seeing your spell available in your Limited Action Set is tough during a fight.
With ProcsHUD, you have an icon popping right now to your character reminding you that you can use your proc. 

The following spells are supported:

  • Engineer
    • Quick Burst (usable only after a multi hit)
    • Feedback (usable only after you deflect a hit)
    • Bio Shell T4 instant cast (shown when you are in the 30-70 volatility range)
    • Ricochet T4 instant cast (shown when you are in the 30-70 volatility range)
  • Esper
    • 5 Psy Points (shown when you have 5 psy points)
  • Medic
    • Atomize (usable only after a critical hit)
    • Dual Shock (usable only after a critical hit or a critical heal)
    • Collider (shown if you have any charges left)
    • Magnetic Lockdown (shown after you get critically hit)
  • Spellslinger
    • Flame Burst (usable only after a critical hit)
    • Assassinate (shown if you have any charges left)
  • Stalker
    • Punish (usable only after a critical hit)
      • Special option to show the proc only if you have T8 Punish and less than 35 Suit Power
    • Decimate (usable only after you deflect a hit)
  • Warrior
    • Breaching Strikes (usable only after a critical hit)
    • Atomic Spear (usable only after you deflect a hit)
    • Shield Burst (usable only if you have depleted all your shield)
    • Rampage (shown if over 250 KE -- Used mainly to see the T8 proc from Relentless Strikes)
    • Grapple (shown if you have any charges left)

You can also set a sound to be played when triggering the proc!

The add-on is already good to go as soon as you install it. It will detect your class and which spell you have in your LAS so that you are notified only of the interesting procs for your character. 


There are some options available via /procshud or /ProcsHud (see screenshots for the options). You can also access the options via the Wildstar menu


Same as every other WildStar add-on, use the Curse Client, Mission Control or drop in %appdata%\NCSoft\Wildstar\Addons


The proc icons used are the corresponding spell icons which are the property of Wildstar and Carbine. The author claims no ownership over the icon artwork.

Known issues

  • General
    • If you are seeing the "Prerequisites not met" error, make you sure you don't have the "Move to Target" option enabled. There is a bug currently which make the special spells like Quick Burst or Flame Burst not work if you have the option checked.
    • The API sometimes returns the spell having 0 cooldown when it is actually in cooldown. And viceversa. Sadly there is nothing I can do about it for now. I've filed a bug to Carbine and now I wait for them to add more stability in the cooldown data we get from the API


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