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For those of you who like to use their own UI, this is a standalone Engineer pet bar. I have also included a Dismiss Pet button (from my other addon: DismissPet).


    • Completely Standalone from Carbines' ClassResources addon
    • Includes a Dismiss Pet Button
    • Saves the pet bar location
    • Saves the minimized/maximized state of the pet bar
    • Allows you to lock the pet bar in place
    • Allows you to completely hide the pet bar

Slash Commands:

    • /pbreset - reset the position and settings
    • /pblock - lock the bar in place
    • /pbunlock - unlock the bar
    • /pbhide - always hide the pet bar
    • /pbshow - show the pet bar again


If you would rather use WildStar's default pet bar with my dismiss pet button, check out my other addon: DismissPet