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EDIT: Discontinued in favor or http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/221079-steadyplates <--- he took a better approach than this to solving the issue.


PersistentNameplates resolves issues preventing the default Nameplates included with the game from displaying. The most obvious of these issues is that the name plates are hidden, by design, when a unity has a speech bubble. Considering so many quest targets have flavor text that is visible for the entire duration of combat, this leads to the nameplates feeling like they do not work. PersistentNameplates resolves this issue (and will resolve other issues that I come across preventing the plates from displaying properly).

Aside from being more persistent, these nameplates should be functionally and visually identical to the default. I may branch this off and start making visual and behavioral changes, if I do that I'll rename the addon to something less specific.

I want to be super clear, this addon does not 100% fix the nameplates. I'm looking into more of the bugs related to missing nameplates as time allows, but Carbine may (hopefully will) beat me to the punch with a patch. If so I'll discontinue this addon. There is at least one more major bug preventing nameplates from displaying in certain situations.