nPrimeNamePlates - QoL Fixes

4,554 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015 Game Version: API 10

Realy like nPrimeNameplates, but there were some QoL fixes that was needed imo.

- MoO health bar Color

- Threat loss health bar Color. 

- Hostile players will have different Text color if pvp flagged or not.

- Friendly player text color

- Group text color

- IA text color = White, to see it easier than for it to blend in with the color of the "shield" that shows in the background.

- If a targets IA reaches 0, the text and the sprite for IA is removed. Once it regains any IA, the sprite and text comes back.

- Merged it with Twinkiees fixes to make it even slightly better.


All the colors can be changed (incase you prefer other ones.) Just open up the .lua and edit the color codes, Starting on Line: 70.


All thanks goes to NyanPrime, creator of nPrimeNameplates. 


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