Nexus Panel 2.0

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All credit for original creation goes to _M3mph_

This addon is being maintained and updated by Baelix (Entity - NA)


This addon has been updated for API 12, and now includes Service Tokens, Omni-bits, and Fortune Coins in the currency panel.

Want to have a nice overview about your current session stats, your coordinates, your item bag slots, currencies, your online friends, your latency/ping time, FPS and more? Then the Nexus Panel addon is probably bang on!


  • sliding toolbar
  • changeable positions of widgets
  • local time/server time (12-hour/24-hour mode)
  • current subzone/zone with coordinates
  • Level time
  • Currencies - *Now with Omni-bits, Service Tokens and Fortune Coins!
  • gap between collected and spent money in the session
  • Repair costs / gear durability in %
  • social panel with friends, guild and circles online members
  • number of used item slots
  • FPS and real latency
  • XP Bar for professions
  • Options for enabling/disabling subpanels and transparency
  • Tooltips with further information


  • more style options e.g. for background (soon)
  • better nice-looking tooltips
  • Arena / BG points/ratings (soon)
  • XP, Reputation, path bar
  • XP per level
  • More technical inormation like addons memory usage and more (soon)
  • more information about the collected/spent money
  • and many more - ask me if you have an idea


  • /np show Shows the panel if hidden
  • /np hide Hides the panel if shown
  • /np lock Locks the panel
  • /np unlock Unlocks the panel
  • /np config Shows the configuration menu
  • /np reset Resets the session (xp, gold, session time,...)



  • Align vertical, for use on left/right of screen
  • Color change (to match forgeUI)
  • Resize/scalable features
  • Track currency weekly caps (EG, Omni-bits, etc.) Completed in 2.0.1
  • Allow panel to be hidden/shown with slash commands Completed in 2.0.2
  • Allow this addon to function with CommodityStats Completed in 2.0.4
  • Allow option to track/untrack individual currencies Coming in 2.1.0

Please leave comments/replies on features you'd like to see, as well as any issues you have with the addon!