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This add-on was designed as a replacement combat text display.


Minor configuration is available via ConfigWindow add-on package that is included. Type /nct to access.


I have little to no time to provide updates or changes; this is one of the reasons that has prevented me from releasing this publicly in the past. One of the other reasons is that the add-on does not hold up to my standards and goals.


Description of customization options:

Type - Drop Down that distinguishes what type of display you're modifying.

Show - Shows/hides the current type.

Merge Texts - Toggle for adding the totals of skills together based off the delay. (Certain abilities in Wildstar are not actually considered the same spell.)

Delay - Edits the time in seconds before it ceases merging texts. ~Default is .1.

Container - Change this to any integer value other than 0 and it should create a static container with that number to move via /nctdndon and /nctdndoff. Design was intended to provide the user with attachable/static containers based on perspective.)

Style - Static style options that change the start and end points of the text. Design improvement would be to provide user total control and importability of other desired formats.

Shorten Numbers - Reduces numerics to short forms.

Spell Names - Shows skill names.


Text Color - Changes text color for sub-type of type. Use color sliders and define the color before you click the hexagon.

Font Type - Drop down list of all default font types.


There's an unintelligent queue system that prevents texts from overlapping.


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