Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 8


Mar 12, 2014

Owner: daihenka

NavMate is a navigation helper for WildStar without the need to replace Carbine's MiniMap and ZoneMap addons.  

NavMate offers the following features:

  • Waypoints and Directional Arrow
  • Coordinates Display
  • Icon and color customization of tradeskill nodes
  • Add Datacubes, Journals and Path related markers to the your minimap
  • Square minimap style (beta)
  • Taxi locations on the ZoneMap
  • Option to mute the taxi driver


Waypoints and Directional Arrow

You can set waypoints to use with the Directional Arrow.  To do so, hold Control and Right Click somewhere the Zone Map or MiniMap.

You can also set a waypoint by using the /way <coords> slash command.

/way 4089, -3938 Merchant Clara Clearfield

This will set a waypoint to Merchant Clara Clearfield at Gallow, an Exiles town in Algoroc.

For now, waypoints are temporary and will be removed once you have arrived at each for them.  A way to mark waypoints as permanent is in the works.


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