Myth LootCouncil

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MythLC is the LootCouncil for <Myth>. It provides functionality to:

  • Start and stop an automated item distribution process
  • Link currently equipped items
  • Randomize loot
  • Autoloot any item to a specific looter


  • /lc - Toggle the main window
  • /lcdebug - Toggles verbose logging
  • /lclocal - Toggles local channel testing (/say)
  • /lctest - Populates the MasterLooter item list with fake items for testing
  • /lcdev - All three commands above at the same time

To start a distribution, open the dropdown list and select an item. The left side will be populated with its tooltip, and the "Link current gear" button will be populate, but will still be inactive. Clicking on the "Start Distribution" button on the top right will link the currently selected item (the one with the active tooltip on the left) to the chat with the following message:

"Distributing [ITEM_LINK] MS/OS"

The distribution will then start, and the "Link current gear" button will go active. At this point, the "client" addons, i.e., those who are not Raid Leader, Assist or can distribute loot, will read the current item on roll and also display the tooltip. Now, the other players can select their spec (MS/OS/costume) and link their own gear.

Any items linked will then be displayed on all clients, on a neat list with player, spec and linked item, along with a small summary of the stats.

The Distribution will end once any Raid Leader/Assist clicks the button to stop, or when the timer runs out. The timer is optional and customizable. 

Once the council has chosen who will receive the item, you only need to click on the item that player linked. A confirmation window will pop up, and upon confirmation, loot will be send to the chosen player.

Starting a new Distribution will wipe the linked gear list.

The AutoLoot function is called whenever the MasterLoot has been updated. That means, after all items have been parse, any item on the autoloot list will be automatically be sent to the player whose name is in the box in the settings. Clicking on an item on the list will remove it, and adding a new one is as simple as typing it in and pressing <Enter>. Choosing the person who will receive all the autoloot is also done by writing his/her name in the properly denoted box in the settings. Autoloot can be toggled via a check box in the settings.


The randomize button does exactly that, to ALL items on the list, with no confirmation. Use with caution.


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