5,442 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 9, 2016 Game Version: API12

LootSquid is an alternative to Carbine's Master Loot.



  • Queues items when people who are assigned loot are out of range. (They'll get the item when they're in range again)
  • Able to select multiple items to assign to a player.
  • Collapsible and resizable.
  • Button to random a single item.
  • Button to assign all remaining loot either randomly (and evenly), or to yourself.
  • Option to auto-loot most of the raid-guild things. (Class/Set Focus, DS/GA Matrix, Datashards, Gifts)
  • Option to auto-loot GA/DS BoE items.
  • Option to enter a name for the target of auto-looting (rather than just to yourself)
  • Option to add items to a custom list of auto-looted things. (Uses the same check-box as the foci for now, planning on expanding on this)


Known issues:

  • Resize not saving (Fixed 4/09 - let me know if there are any more issues)



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