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About LootBot


LootBot offers enhanced item-looting support by providing the following features:

  • Auto-Roll Feature: Allows you to configure specific loot types to be automatically rolled on.
    • Specific loot types include all Equipment, Sigil, Decor, Costumes, and FABkits/Improvement drops, along with a catch-all for every thing else like crafting materials, shields and weapon attachments.
    • Auto-Rolling can be disabled on the fly for one or multiple categories and does not require a reloadUI to take affect.
    • Whenever an auto-roll is made by LootBot a chat notification will be posted along with a link to the item being rolled on.
  • Auto-Pass Feature: Allows you to configure specific loot types (armor and weapons) to be automatically passed on. This feature is disabled by default.
    • Auto-Passing can be enabled/disabled on the fly for one or multiple categories and does not require a reloadUI to take affect.
    • Auto-Pass will notify you in chat when an auto-pass occurs and provide an item link.
  • Saved Variables: Allows you to save your LootBot window position along with all settings across logouts and /reloadUIs. Currently saved variables are on a per-character basis.
LootBot Settings in-depth:
  • Equipment Settings: Allows you to configure settings applied to any piece of Equipment.
    • Greed All: Roll 'Greed' on ALL equipment up to the selected Loot Level.
    • Need before Greed: Will automatically roll 'Greed' on all equipment up the the selected Loot Level unless you can equip the item; You will be able to manually select Need or Greed based on your own decision. LootBot will NEVER auto-roll NEED on any equipment.
    • Disable: LootBot will take no action on any Equipment drops.
    • Loot Level: Drop-down selection allows you to select the highest item quality to apply auto-rolling to. For example: If Loot Level is set to Good, Greed All is enabled, and an Excellent Item drops; LootBot will take no action, however if a Good item drops, LootBot will auto-roll 'Greed'.
    • Auto-Pass Feature: On/Off switch: Enable/Disable Auto-Pass on the fly!
      • When enabled, all sub-category buttons that are checked will be enabled for auto-passing. Un-checked buttons will be processed by the normal auto-loot functions.
      • Will not auto-pass on loot above the Loot Level. (A bypass button can be implemented if requested)
  • Sigil Settings: Allows you to configure settings applied to any Sigil drop.
    • Greed All: Allows you to auto-roll 'Greed' on ALL Sigil drops.
    • Need All: Allows you to auto-roll 'Need' on ALL Sigil Drops.
    • Disable: LootBot will take no action on any Sigil Drops.
    • Custom Settings: Allows you to check each Sigil element individually and will auto-roll 'Need' on any checked element and auto-roll 'Greed' and any UN-checked element.
    • NOTE: You can keep your custom checks in place if you decide to change from Custom Settings to Greed/Need All, Custom checks will only be applied if you have selected the Custom Settings radial. This feature is useful for when you are in an all Guild/PUG run and need to quickly change your auto-roll configuration to meet the expectations of the group.
  • Other Items Settings: Allows you to configure settings applied to any non-Equipment or non-Sigil drop. Specifically Decor, Costumes and Improvement items. 
    • Greed: Allows you to auto-roll 'Greed' on all category items. (Loot Level ignored)
    • Need: Allows you to auto-roll 'Need' on all category items. (Loot Level ignored)
    • Off: LootBot will take no action on the specific category's items.

LootBot Default Settings: Out of the box, LootBot will 'Need before Greed' on all Equipment up to Good quality, Greed on all Sigils and Greed on all other items that drop up to Good quality.

LootBot's menu and settings can be accessed through the System Escape Menu or by typing the in-game command /lootbot.

For [Keybind] support and more amazing features related to the loot window check out LootRollEnhanced.

Please post bugs or suggestions at: http://wildstar.curseforge.com/ws-addons/221797-lootbot


This addon is currently in active development and has the following upcoming features planned:

  • Chat Notification by the addon identifying an item was rolled on automatically.
  • Further breakdown of item categories to include specifically Decor, Crafting Materials, Flair items and any other requested item-types.
  • Addition of Accessories and more equippable items being added specifically to auto-roll and pass functions. (Attachments, Shields, Implant, Support System etc)
  • Custom item filter that would allow a player to manually type in the name of an item and have LootBot detect when that item drops and automatically roll on it.
  • Allow user to select if variables should be saved per character or account-wide.
    • Character profiles if desired


 Change Log


Changes from v1.1.4 to v1.2.10

  • Auto-Pass Function: You can now select Armor and Weapon types to be automatically passed on instead of rolling greed/need blindly on them. 
  • Other Items Expansion: Decor, Costumes, and FABkits/Improvement items are now specifically adjustable. More to come!
  • Updated addon screenshots.
  • Improved UI frame.
  • Several bug fixes regarding logic of item process queue.
  • Updated tooltips to better reflect each button's purpose.

Changes from v1.0.0 to v1.1.4

  • Chat Notifications: LootBot will now post an item link to chat when an auto-roll is performed. See screenshots for a picture.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented LootBot from being reliably hooked by crbNeedVsGreed.
  • Updated UI button tooltips to correctly reflect the functions they represent.

Addon Released: v1.0.0


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