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NOTE:  DROP 6 HAS KILLED THIS ADDON.  I'm going to attempt to resurrect it over the coming week but it looks like Carbine completely changed some aspects of the Challenge system so I may or may not have success.  Bear with me.


I found myself doing a lot of challenges in Thayd, and really disliking Carbine's Challenge interface.  I poked around and found a couple of addons that tried to tackle the problem but they either lacked features I wanted, or their authors quit, or both.  I wanted an excuse to make an addon, and this was it.

KiruChallenge (KC) is a standalone window that will monitor all of your unlocked challenges, alert you when you have rewards pending, show you which challenges are in your zone, and - probably the neatest part - lets you run challenges with your friends and compete with each other.  (They need to be using KC also, obviously).


  1. Identifies all challenges in the zone that you are in - including Housing challenges
  2. Identifies if there is a reward pending, or if the challenge is Ready.  If it is not Ready, it tells you why.
  3. Click the Challenge to process the Reward, get a Hint Arrow to its start location, or activate the challenge.
  4. A keybind to activate a challenge in the list- collect your rewards quicker.
  5. An option to automatically collect your reward on completion.
  6. An Ignore List for any challenges you don't want to see any more.
  7. A White List for any challenges that you want to monitor no matter where you are (useful for watching cooldowns on your favorite ones)
  8. The ability to spam your party with Challenge Started, Challenge Abandoned / Completed, and your Loot.  (KC knows what loot you get before your reward spinner stops.. There is no random spinning to it - trivia for today)
  9. Displays how many times you have completed a challenge (inside the Options window).
  10. Displays a list of all challenges that you have NOT done (inside the Options window).  They will also appear on the Zone map if you have that option selected.
  11. Auto-Start a challenge if you come within a certain distance of the starting point.  See below.
  12. Party Sync!


If another party member has KC installed, and both of you have Party Sync turned on, you can receive updates from each other's Challenge progress and see what sort of medal you each get.  This is useful when waiting for a Challenge addict to finish their junk so you can continue doing your dailies, or you can compete with each other for bragging rights.

This does not force your party to do your challenges - Wildstar does that by itself.  If you are both standing in the start area for a Challenge, and you both have that Challenge unlocked, then if they start the Challenge, yours will start also.  To my knowledge there is no way to stop that from happening.

What Party Sync does is send updates to the other KC addons in your group with information about your progress (or completion, or abandonment) of that challenge.  It does not have to be a challenge that the other person has unlocked - they will see your progress if you are Synced and you will see theirs.


New as of v0.985 is the ability to "Auto Start" a challenge (a user request).   If you choose to toggle a challenge for Auto Start inside the Options area, and you come within a certain distance of the challenge's starting point, KC will attempt to start it for you.  The default distance is 10 meters.  Challenges that trigger from interacting with a unit rather than just being in an area utilizes this 10 meter threshhold so I chose 10 meters as a default.  You can change the distance for each challenge to auto-start, but be aware that any unit-triggered challenges will not work outside of 10 meters.

In a future update I will let you pick your own "start point" to base the distance from.  Right now it is using the map points contained within Carbine's data.


  1. Auto Hide when there are No Challenges.  This will hide the main window if you are in a zone with no challenges to show.  If you have not unlocked any challenges, or you have chosen to add all of them to the Ignore List, this will unclutter your screen.
  2. Party Spam.  Want to share with your group via chat that you have started Waterlogged in CB?  Go ahead, I'm sure they will love to know.  KC is not required on their end to receive these updates, as they are just regular chat text.  Challenge Started / Finished are enabled when you turn on Party Spam.  There is an extra option to add your Loot to the spam.  Note: If you have the Loot option turned on, you will announce to the party what your loot is before it finishes spinning the "random" chooser.  That's because the spinner is a distraction, and the instant you click your "choice", the game has assigned you a reward.  KC doesn't make you wait.
  3. Party Sync .. details below.
  4. Show Challenges on Zone Map.  If selected, a star icon will appear on the zone map.  Minimap might be a future addition.
  5. Immediately collect Reward on Completion.  If selected, the reward window (should) pop up immediately after you finish a challenge.
  6. Show and Sort Distance on "Ready" Challenges.  Some challenges have a huge "Ready" area but are nowhere near their start point.  This will let you home in on where you might want to start the challenge before hitting the button.
  7. Show Challenges on Cooldown.  If turned off, will hide challenges that are on cooldown timer.
  8. Hide KiruChallenge during Combat.  If turned on, KC will get out of the way while you do your business.
  9. New Drop 3 option for Shared Challenges (that a group member starts):  Prompt, Auto-Accept, and Auto-Reject
  10. Window Transparency.  Slide from 0% to 100%.  Has an effect on the main window as well as a Floating Party Sync window.
  11. Number of Challenges to Show Without Scrolling.  Because I dock the Sync window to the main window, I needed a reliable way to keep the UI clean.  This option simply lets you choose a number of challenges to always show in the main window before needing to scroll.  Range is 1 to 50.  Under 4 and the slider part of the scrollbar won't show (UI limitation) but you can still use the mousewheel.  4+ and you get a slider bar.
  12. Keybind.  You can assign a key to activate the top-most challenge in the list.  If the top is a Reward, the keybind will bring up the reward window.  If it is "Ready", the challenge will activate.  If it's out of area, you will get the Hint Arrow.  If it is cooling, nothing will happen.
  13. Show Keybind Nub:  If selected, a little nub will be added to the challenge list showing which one is tied to your keybind.


  1. Choose a location:  Top or Bottom of the main window (docked to it), Float (its own window), or Don't Show.  If you choose Don't Show, the window will stay hidden unless you specifically click the Show button in the main window.  If you choose Top, Bottom, or Float, then the main window becomes Auto - meaning the window will pop up on its own each time you receive an update.
  2. Auto-Hide.  If you choose to let the window auto-open, you can set it to disappear after X seconds of inactivity.  The range is 10 - 300 seconds.  The Hide button will count down after 5 seconds of inactivity has elapsed.


  • /kch  Opens KiruChallenge if it is hidden
  • /kch hide  Hides KiruChallenge
  • /kch spam   Toggles Party Spam on or off.  Also, /kch spam on and /kch spam off
  • /kch help  Displays a brief list of slash commands.  Also /kch ?
  • /kchopt  Opens the KC Options Window (also accessible via the gear icon and the ESC menu)


  • The bottom left menu will have a listing for KiruChallenge that will show or hide the window (same as using /kch or closing with the X)
  • The ESC menu will have a listing for KiruChallenge that will bring up the Options window (same as using /kchopt or clicking the gear)
  • ESC > Interface > Window will have a listing for KiruChallenge that will allow you to stop it from being moved, or reset the window position.
  • The border of the main window will change to Green (something is Ready), Blue (nothing is Ready), White (something is Active), or Dark Grey (no challenges at all)


  • How many (Gold)(Silver)(Bronze) medals did I earn on this challenge in the past?
    Unfortunately that information is not available in the API.  I could track the medals going forward in the addon's saved data, but I'm not sure what good that would do.  Hopefully Carbine will add this data into the API at some point and I can look it up.
  • Why does the distance say (200m) but the Hint Arrow says (23m)?
    This is also a limitation of the API.  There is certain data stored and accessible for where a challenge "starts" that is completely different from the code used by the hint arrows that I cannot access.  In other words - the distance is an approximation in most cases and it will turn Ready when you cross that magic line.
  • Why does a challenge say Ready but when I click it, I get a message to go to (this area).  That's not Ready then, is it?
    Once again, the API.  If you open the "regular" Challenge window to look at the zone challenges, you will see that you can Start the same challenge (e.g. it's ready) but you will get the same message and it won't start.  I'm using the same logic in KC to decide if a challenge is "Ready" or not, but in some cases, the API simply does not have enough, or accurate, information to determine this.


I had fun writing this, and this was actually my first addon before I wrote KiruBox.  I made it for me, Kirukai, and it's all about Challenges, hence the name.. KiruChallenge.  If you have any feedback, requests, or problems, you can find Kiruka Leafbladei on Entity, or you can email me at my Curse username at gmail.  I hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to those that helped me test it, as well as the author of NeighborNotes for turning me on to a method of finding Housing challenges easier, countless forum posters and IRC lurkers that put up with my searches and questions throughout.


  • If there's enough interest I will look at adding localization for French and German.  I'll need help for that, of course.
  • I'll probably re-work the Sync Updates window somewhat.  I'm not fully happy with it at present.
  • Possibly add icons to the MiniMap in addition to the Zone Map.
  • Have a suggestion for a feature or a change?  Please comment on the project page (not the addon page) so I get notified, or use an alternate method to reach me (in the Thanks section above).


There might be an issue when going into Battlegrounds.  Your addon may not be able to Sync once you come back.  I'm looking into it, but if this happens to you, just open Options, turn off Party Sync and back on.  Have your party member do the same and Sync should re-establish itself.


  • v0.99 (May 11)
    - Changed API to 10.
    - Fixed a Drop 5 issue with the Cooldown Timer causing an LUA error.
  • v0.988 and v0.989 (Feb 6)
    - Fixed ZoneMap icons to comply with Drop 4 Carbine changes to the ZoneMap.  Added KiruChallenge to the ZoneMap "Markers" menu to temporarily toggle on and off the KC map icons.  Removed support for "GuardZoneMap" addon as it is deprecated now.
  • v0.985
    - Added Auto Start (see description above for more detail)
  • v0.98
    - Added Prospector Plot (Gold Grab) to Housing challenges - it was finally fixed in Drop 3
    - Added undiscovered challenges to the Zone Map.
  • v0.97
    - Added 8 new challenges for The Defile
    - Added the Shared Challenges options added in Drop 3 (Prompt, Auto-Accept, Auto-Reject
  • v0.965:
    - Fixed a bug with challenges that had Renown as a reward option.
    - Added some /slash commands for integration with other addons (SuitUp specifically) or macros.

  • v0.96:
    - Added Option to Hide Challenges that are on Cooldown
    - Added Option to Hide KiruChallenge while in Combat.
    - Added 10 second delay timer to re-hide KC when opened by the Menu or command /kch if KC is currently hiding because "Auto-Hide when No Challenges" is turned on.  Before, it would immediately hide again.  Peekaboo.

  • v0.95:
    - Added a Distance Filter option to only show a challenge if it is within your chosen range.  This works in conjunction with "Auto Hide when there are no challenges to show.  NOTE: Whitelisted challenges or ones that I cannot determine a distance will still be shown.

  • v0.94:
    - Added option to show distance on "Ready" challenges (user request)
    - Added a button next to "Ready" challenges when distance is displayed, to show the Hint Arrow.  This should also work on Housing Challenges now as well.
    - Added a list of your NOT YET DONE challenges.  You'll find it in Options.  In a future update I'll add an option to show these on the map if you wish.

  • 0.93:
    - Added Option:  Immediately show Rewards on Completion
    - Added Keybind: Move the activation keybind nub up and down the list for keyboard-only use of KC.

  • 0.92:
    - Added Option:  Show Challenges on Zone Map
    - Added Option:  Show Keybind Nub in Main Window

  • v0.91 - Initial Public Release


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