3,299 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 24, 2014 Game Version: API 9

Link any item in the game into the chat, by writing "/item *itemname*" or at least part of the item's name. The item will be linked if it can be found, and if there are multiple item names that contain the *itemname* you wrote, it will link whichever of them has the *itemname* you searched earlier in the name, and if multiple have the same, it will link the shortest of those.

For example looking for "galactiu" will link a galactium dye, since it's the shortest of those items which begin with "galactiu".

I made this because I thought it would be useful with ItemPreviewImproved and/or CommodityStats as you can preview costumes and housing decorations and check prices of commodity items with without having them in your inventory.


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