4,426 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014 Game Version: API 9

This is an early beta there is no customization, no options, and no refunds.  Expect bugs and bad data.

This addon shows cooldown timers for group member's interrupts.  Group members and interrupt icons are added as spells are cast.  There is currently no way to remove a player or rearrange the icons/players.  Click and Drag player names to move the window. Right click on a spell to temporarily remove it from tracking (will show up again next time it is cast)

Slash command is /it but that brings up an empty window unless you use commands for dumping spell data tables for debugging.

The newest version has initial support for reporting interrupt abilities and cooldowns.  Other players in your party that have the addon will have a green name bar indicating that the information is more reliable.  Cooldowns for other players without the addon will fall back to monitoring the combat log for spell casts and will still have the old limitations making the data less reliable.

Due to API limitations the data presented may not be 100% accurate.  To solve these future versions will require the addon to self report on a channel to other players.

  • If an interrupt is cast but hits nothing it is not detected. 
  • If a player has cooldown reducing abilities the cooldowns shown for them do not reflect those reductions. 
  • When a player changes their action set and changes an interrupt the addon still shows an icon for that ability because the addon does not see those changes. 
  • If the tier of an interrupt is changed then the next cast will update the icon with the newest tier used.


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