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InstanceTimer tells you how much time you spent in your ongoing instance and helps keep tracking of silver/gold medal timers in dungeons. A little countdown gadget will pop up on the top-left corner of your screen(draggable) when you enter a dungeon and will stay there until you leave the instance or dismiss it.


Type /instancetime to see the time spent in the current dungeon/adventure/battleground.

Countdown gadget  is automatic so you dont need to do anything.

Dungeon Time Limits

Pre-setted time limits for the each dungeon are;

  • Stormtalon's Lair:  30m
  • Ruins of Kel Voreth: 40m
  • Skullcano:  45m
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden:  75m

** Important **

This addon sees the instance starting time as your entrance time to the instance. Because of this issue, countdown timer  in dungeons are not viable if you enter an in-progress dungeon. There is no way of finding when the instance really started i could find. I will work on this.


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