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HappyGardner is a WildStar addon which allows you to easily plant your seeds when there's a valid houseplot fertile ground nearby.

Original idea and credits go to


Simply approach a Fertile Ground and a tiny UI, displaying all the available seed stacks in your inventory, will appear.


Main Window


Right click on the seed's icon to plant them. The UI will only be displayed if you're close enough to a Fertile Ground (15m) and if you have any seeds in your inventory. Whenever one of these 2 conditions don't apply the UI will disappear. You can close/disable HappyGardner whenever you want clicking on the red cross button, in the upper right corner of the UI. Type "/hg" to display/enable HappyGardner again. The UI is draggable (and lockable by the Interfaces menu addon). There aren't any additional options or configurations.


  1. I cannot right-click spam and plant my seeds super fast. Why? Is it a bug?

    Not really. WildStar doesn't really like you to spam your right-click button when you interact with one of your bag items anymore. Whether you are technically allowed to do so, the behavior is a bit wonky and you'll probably end up having a selected seed which you then have to manually plant into a Fertile Ground. For this reason I introduced a sort of cooldown between one right-click and another.



  • 04/10/2015

    - Updated API 11 compatibility
    - Restored Interface Management functionility