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Bridges the guild and officer chat of multiple guilds.  Chat information is shared across a WildStar channel, but the guild and officer channels are encrypted with separate keys.

The addon takes its configuration primarily from the Guild Additional Information window.
All Guilds that will have their chat unified must have the SAME metadata somewhere in Guild Information:
GuildNationChannel=<ChannelName>,<Encryption Key>=

For example

For Guild Members, no client side setup is needed.  Provided the information is in the Guild Additional Information (like above) just install the addon, and they are good to go.  However officers will need to input their agreed upon encryption key to see officer chat, to do this:
type /nation
Enter they Officer Key, press ENTER. Then close.

Known limitations:

  • At the moment, the addon cannot broadcast "player is online/offline"


  • Unified Guild Roster



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