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GalaxyMeter aims to be a comprehensive meter that will track all sources of damage, healing, interrupts, dispels and player deaths.

I am working on getting new screenshots for the new UI, the ones above are from the OLD VERSION


  • New UI!
  • Confirmation dialogs for Report and Clear
  • Interface Menu integration
  • Window Interface integration
  • Scroll bar!!!


  • Player Damage Done/Taken
  • Mob Damage Done/Taken
  • Healing Done by Players
  • Overhealing Done by Players
  • Player Healing Received
  • Per-player spell breakdowns
  • Spell details
  • Report to any custom channel

Planned Features

  • Configuration Options
  • Per-cast Interrupt timeline, see who hit interrupts when on a Mob on a cast-per-cast basis.
  • Multiple Windows
  • New screenshots with the updated UI
  • Overall report


  • Toggle the window by selecting it in the Interface menu (lower left hand menu).  You may also pin it to your bottom bar.
  • Left-clicking on a menu bar in the main window brings you to that specific menu, for example clicking Player Damage Done -> Humera will show you which damaging spells I used.  From there clicking on the totals bar (top) or an individual spell will show you details about the spell.
  • Right-click to navigate up one menu.
  • Click the arrow to the left of the timer to pull up logs for past fights

Known Issues

  • Old UI Still Showing - The screenshots on Curse are from an older version.
  • Timer Never Stops - This is most likely due to a player having a pet out, I will try to come up with a workaround.