Galaxy Library

97,260 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2015 Game Version: API 9  

You now have the entire Galaxy's information at your fingertips, allowing you to browse the content of Wildstar anytime!

This is the same tool I used to generate these gear albums:

To activate type one of the following:
/galaxylibrary, /gallib, /gl, /lkl

I hope you enjoy looking at unreleased stuff. ;)

- Lemon King



Change Log


      • Item Database now uses timer based loading to prevent users on slower machines or with more active addons from stalling on open for more than 2.5s.


      • Disabled debug text. >_> <_< You saw nothing!


      • Added support for Interface Menu, no need to type slash commands.
      • Now sports a better icon than 0.03.


      • Minor update for API 8
      • Support for an experimental addon.
      • Some partial internal restructuring for development.


This is a first pass of the Main Menu and Item Database UIs, there are further updates planned.

      • Interface is now completely redesigned with future updates in mind!Item Database is reworked from the ground up with usability and display in mind.

      • The two paperdolls are now one, clicking zoom with switch between the two.

      • You can now Link Items in Chat using Shift + Left Click.

      • You can also preview items using the Inventory Paperdoll with Alt + Left Click.
        Your character class will need to be allowed to equip the item for the preview to work.

      • Tooltips are now 100% less funky.


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