For Dummies

4,288 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2014 Game Version: API 9

For Dummies is a project of at least 2 modules :

  • "Builder" which helps you save and activate unlimited amount of action set builds
  • "Rotation" to generate a priority based ability cycle.


 General features:

  • Use /fd or /fordummies command to open the option window
  • Activate/deactivate Modules (I used GeminiAddon to create addon-like modules)


Builder features are:

  • Use /fdbuild <strBuildId> or /fordummiesbuild <strBuildId> to activate a build
  • Save the currently used action set build (only the 8 abilities from the LAS are saved, I didn't want to save the gadget, path ability nor potion) in association with the action-set
  • Rename the build
  • Select one of the 8 ability icons directly from the build as representative icon for this one
  • Activate the saved build
  • Create a macro that will activate the saved build (do not edit the macro in any way if you want it to stay linked to the build)
  • Renaming or changing the icon of your build will update the related macro information instantly
  • Delete the saved build
  • Before activation, the addon switch to the correct action-set if needed
  • Before activation, the addon check if all the abilities are usable (in case you changed your amps and had an amp ability when the build was saved)
  • Before activation, the addon check if you are in combat or dead
  • If the build activation failed, the addon will reverse to your previous action-set if switch was made earlier
  • The addon prevent any kind of double click/activation

Builder planned features:

  • Add Tier number over the abilities icons
  • Add of an UI build swapper somewhere



I have not yet started to work on the "Rotation" module, I don't know  what will be required and if it is even possible, so it might take a while

 Personal note: This is the first time i make an addon and also the first time i work with lua language, so the work itself will probably not be perfect..



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