EepieGeepies (EPGP manager)

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Addon to manage you guilds Effort Point/Gear Point (EPGP) scores.  You can find a description of EPGP at

Type /epgp in the chat window to open the addon.

Current features:

  • Adding EP
  • Applying loot scores
  • Supports one score across all alts for an account
  • Min EP and Base GP support
  • Scheduled EP addition every n seconds
  • Standby raid members
  • Import / Export of database
  • Export database as bbCode, HTML, JSON, CSV

The addon does not currently help with the loot bidding process.  It is just for managing the EPGP totals.

The addon maintains a single score for all characters (aka alts) belonging to a single person's account.

The main grid on the addon has the following 6 columns:

  1. Account - this shows the account name for a person
  2. EP - this is the current Effort Points accumulated by a person
  3. GP - this is the current Gear Points spent by a person.  This will never be below the Min EP value defined on page 2 of the options
  4. Priority - the loot priority of the person.  The person with the highest priority is entitled to win any loot they bid upon
  5. Group Member - this tick box shows if the person is a member of your current group/raid.  A clock will be shown for standby raid members
  6. Characters - a comma separated list of all the characters associated with an account

Add Loot - this button is only enabled when a row on the main grid is selected.  Pressing this button will open the Add GP screen for the selected account

Add EP - opens the Add EP screen

Decay - pressing this button will decay all the EP/GP scores for all accounts by the decay percentage.  Normally this is pressed at the end of a raid.  The button will highlight as red if the list has not been decayed in the last 7 days

Start Timer - start the scheduled addition of EP.  This will add EP points to all people in your current raid at a defined frequency.  The frequency and points used are defined in options page 1

Stop Timer - stops the scheduled EP addition.  This button only shows if the Start Timer button was pressed.

Standby raid members are supported by whispers.  People should register as standby by whispering the EPGP master with the 4 letters epgp  The addon will periodically whisper the standby members confirming they are still available.  They need to reply with a whisper containing the 4 letters epgp


The main grid on the Add GP screen has the following columns:

  1. Character - the character that won a piece of loot in the group
  2. Item - the name of the loot won
  3. Rarity - how rare the loot was, such as epic / legenary / etc
  4. Account - the account name of the character.  This will be blank if the character is not defined on your main EPGP list.  Usually this is the case when a pug member is in your raid
  5. Order - the order the items were won, newest will be top

Selecting a row in the grid will auto populate the fields below.  This is the easiest way to use the addon.  Just assign the character the loot via master looter and then press the Add Loot button on the main addon screen.  Your newly assigned look should be 1st row on the grid, so click on it and press the OK button.

Selecting a row where the account name is blank will still auto populate the screen, but the account receiving the loot will default to the person selected on the main screen when you pressed the Add Loot button.

You can also auto populate the screen by linking an item.  Just shift-rightclick on the item when the Add GP screen is showing and the fields will be auto populated.  The account receiving the loot will be the person selected on the main grid when Add Loot was pressed.

Main SpecOff Spec - these toggle buttons are never auto populated.  This is an extension to EPGP used by my guild where we allow people winning loot when playing in an off spec capacity to get loot at a quarter of the normal cost.  For example you are full on tanks for a raid, so a player joins on his tank character as a dps.  This off spec player will only be given a chance to loot if all the main spec player pass on an item.  If the off spec player wins an item just populate the screen as normal but them press the Off Spec toggle.  This will quarter the GP cost of the item won.

Item Power - this is the primary stat used to calculate the loot cost.  Unfortunately it is not visible in the game tooltips, which is why either using the loot screen grid or linking an item is the best way to fill in this value.  You can see an item's value outside the game on the jabbithole website in the iLevel column of their item search.  For example:

Slot - The cost of the item's slot.  High cost slots are Chest, Legs and Attunement keys.  Medium cost slots are feet, hands, head, weapon and sheilds.  All others are low cost.  The weightings for each slot type are defined on options page 2

Quality - The loot item's quality.  Currently Legendary, epic (aka superb) are the only ones supported, all other items go under normal quality

The green frame at the bottom of the screen will give a textual description of the loot item plus its calculated cost.

The Basic Mode check box at the top of the screen allows you to just enter the GP you have decided yourself.


The Add EP screen have the following fields:

Whole Group - select this toggle if the EP should be added to  all members of the current group / raid

Single Player - select this toggle if the EP is for a particular player

Player - this drop down list is used to select the player who will receive the EP.  It is not enabled when Whole Group is selected

EP - the number of EP to add or remove

Reason - the reason for adding or removing the EP

Add EP / Remove EP - select to either add or remove EP

Based on an original Delphi application written by Kad. 


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