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This addon allows you to browse and preview all dyes currently in the game.  This includes placeholder dyes and unnamed dyes (unavailable to players).



Type /dp or /dyepreview to open the preview window.

The grid of checkboxes allows you to select which dye channels will be previewed for each corresponding gear slot.  If a checkbox is disabled, then that dye channel is not available for that item.


To browse dyes, use the left and right arrow buttons next to the dye name at the top, or click on the button that contains the dye name to open the dye list.

You can filter the list of dyes shown by typing in the text box in the dye list window.  The red X button will clear the current filter.


The Apply button will retain the current selection and reset the grid, allowing you to continue previewing dyes without altering your previous selection.  This does not dye your costume.

The Reset button will revert the dye preview to your costume's original dye scheme.


Press Escape to close the dye preview window.



Planned Features

  • Dye history that allows you to step backwards/forwards between uses of Apply
  • Costume selection.  For now you must close the preview window, select your costume from the character panel (default: P), and reopen the preview window.
  • Dye cost for the current selection.
  • Item/chat link preview support.
  • Search by color.


The UI will be continuously refined over time.  The current release provides all necessary functionality to preview dyes.



Thanks for using DyePreview!


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