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Saturday Night Fever

Original idea by <Enigma>.

/disco to toggle the addon on/off, "/disco help" to see commands.

Makes enemy telegraph colors switch rapidly in-fight, to better see what you need to get the fuck out of :]


  • While this is active, it will switch your telegraph color set to Custom Settings 1, so make sure you have that configured to your preference.
  • Your previous telegraph colors are saved and will be restored when you're out of fight or when you manually disable the addon through /disco.
  • You can set the flashing speed with "/disco speed x", e.g. /disco speed 0.1 to have the telegraphs change every 0.1s.
  • You can activate disco telegraphs for enemy players in battlegrounds and arenas with "/disco pvp".

This addon is as tiny as possible (~200 lines of code) and optimized for performance. It will have zero impact while out of combat, and about 0.01ms/frame while in combat.

- Vim


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