21,755 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 29, 2015 Game Version: API 11

Goal: Provide additional information regarding experience gains.
Target Audience: Anyone who wants to see more statistic related to experience gains. People who make leveling guides can use this as a tool to measure XP/h to pinpoint the best leveling areas.

  • Slash command to bring up the configuration window:
  • /det
  • Movable
  • Resizable (width only)
  • 3 text areas to display experience related data on a bar
  • All numbers are formatted to make them more readable
  • Alt+Left click on the bar to reset session data

Available informations:

  • Total time played
  • Time this level
  • Time this session
  • Level
  • Total XP this level
  • Gained
  • Remaining
  • Total XP this session
  • Rest XP
  • XP/hour this level
  • XP/hour this session
  • Time to level for this level
  • Time to level for this session
  • Elder points
  • Elder points weekly max
  • Elder points to weekly max
  • Total EP this session
  • EP/h this session
  • Time to weekly EP cap for this session
  • Money gained/hour this session
  • Money gained this session


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