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Jun 10, 2014

Owner: _ForgeUser410577

Ever been in a group with new people, or people who aren't on voice communication? Of course you have.

This tool is made for you. It lets you output a short and simple strategy for your group, so that everyone at least has some idea of what to expect. Even if you're on voice chat, this is simpler than having to explain it every time you run with a new person. 

Usage is really simple, and you've got two options:

  • Target the monster you want to talk about and type '/crash'
  • Type '/crash monster name'

If you're in an instance, CrashCourse will output to the Instance chat. If you're in a party, it'll output to Party chat, and if you're solo it'll output to System chat (seen only by you).

Currently, Crash Course only supports Kel Voreth, Stormtalon's Lair, and Skullcano. However, I'll be adding more strategies as I can! Feel free to leave comments with strategies you'd like to use.


Inspired by the WoW Addon CrashCourse:


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