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The Addon only uses commands to configure it, here is the commands

  • "/cxp unlock" unlock the bars so that you can move them
  • "/cxp lock" locks the bars in place
  • "/cxp weekly" or "/cxp path" swaps the 2nd bar between Path xp and Elder Points Weekly cap
  • "/cxp level" shows/hides the 1st bar (showing current level progression, and Current Elder Gem progression)
  • "/cxp bag", "/cxp inv" or "/cxp inventory" shows/hides the bag icon that opens your inventory
  • "/cxp money" - toggles the money shown next to the bag (v1.9)
  • "/cxp reset pos" - resets the UI elements (v1.12)
  • "/cxp reset bag" - resets the bag+money part of the UI (v1.12)
  • "/cxp reset bars" - resets the bar(s) part of the UI (v1.12)
  • "/cxp resetall" - resets everything (both UI positions and settings) (v1.12)


This addon was solely created for personal use since I didn't like how much space the exp bar takes from screen. I enjoy a minimalist kind of look. For other players that are like me here you go, hopefully you will add it to your collection.

The add-on itself is the original Carbine addon with modifications.

The Carbine XPBar addon is also the money indicator and inventory bag button all rolled into one addon. This means that some addons that hook into any of these might not work, please notify me (with info on what addon it is) or the author of the respective addon.

Also, I want to give big thanks to xeogamez he was the original creator and solely responsible for the addon up until version 1.3. Unfortunately he had to quit the addon development business because of real life events. 

Thank you Indoorsman for helping with letting you use the Interface Options window to change location and moveability (From xeogamez - 06/16/2014)


Supports OneVersion - as per request from spellthis in the comments