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Show current combat statistics for DPS, Healing, and Tanking as a graph. (High performance) 

Note: This is a performance and UI cleanup oriented rewrite of VortexMeter, and is a part of a series of bug-fixed, performance tuned, work-alike versions of Carbine and other popular AddOns. For many players, performance in WildStar is still a big issue, and can be especially apparent when real game-play or action starts. Current versions of many AddOns can take multiple milliseconds per-frame, per AddOn. My intent is to share what I use as a possible service to the WildStar community and authors.  Authors or Carbine are welcome to reincorporate changes or ideas back into their AddOns, hoist the code verbatim into the original, or otherwise.  Just let me know, and can even deprecate and link back to the original if necessary. Alternate color scheme from VortexTrueColors.

CombatMeter Commands:  (or /combatmeter)
 /cm - toggle enable meter
 /cm toggle - toggle enable meter
 /cm on - disable meter
 /cm off - enable meter
 /cm show - show display
 /cm hide - hide display
 /cm config - open or close the options window
 /cm options - open or close the options window
 /cm optionsopen - open the options window
 /cm optionsclose - close the options window
 /cm start - start meter combat
 /cm end - end meter combat
 /cm lock - lock window
 /cm unlock - unlock window
 /cm clear - clear all meter logs (was reset)
 /cm default - reset windows to default positions
 /cm reset - reset to defaults
 /cm help - help message

AddOns in the series include:


  • Now allows for multiple windows for fully independent views, by clicking on the + button in the footer. Windows can be closed in any order. Closing the last open window will still turn combat meter 'off', same as before.
  • The UI can now be hidden with the meter still enabled and continuing to collect data, by using the '/cm hide' and '/cm show' commands.
  • Holding the CTRL key will allow the window to still be moved, if the 'lock windows' option is enabled.

Stat Notes:

  • Interrupts (IA removal attempts) will no longer count as separate swings. This means some spells that only remove IA will no longer register as a swing, and spells that both damage and remove IA will no longer count as 2 swings. This allows swing counts to align more correctly with critical and multi-hit for heal and damage spells, which provides for more accurate multi and crit rate statistics. 
  • Medic Rejuvenation and Mending Probes send client 'Dot' spell multi-hit events with no corresponding hit event, and send non-Dot spell events with hit and other values but never multi-hit. As of 61101.0 these two will be treated as regular non-Dot spells and show as one complete 'ability'. Much thanks to Aspi Reen, EU, for finding and reporting this.


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