Choices Helper - Custom Gear Score

8,552 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 Game Version: API 9

This addons will add a score value at the top of every items. This score is computed depending on a custom specialization you built by setting weights to stats. So each score is specific to your characters. 

Since the specialization can be complex to build, this addon offer you a way to export and import them very easily. To export, just click export and copy the code. To import, just click import and paste the code. DONE ! 

This addon also add a base damage, base heal value, computed from your assault power, support power, critical rating, etc.. It gives you also a Damage to Death value which is a statistical value of damage you can take before dying. Those values are in the character window. 

You also get a Total Gear Score.

To switch specialization, use: /choiceshelpersettings or /chs or use the link into the escape menu.

You can also use command line: /chs [SPEC NAME] , you can build macro that way ! 

to share specializations, you can either here or on the wildstar forum :

Please consider using CharacterInfoPlus to get more features.



  • short command line /chs.
  • move the score to be compatible with EToolTip.
  • easy way of sharing specialization (just copy paste into the addon)
  • add a cancel button in the name pop up when new / rename
  • add a cancel button in the add characteristic pop up
  • Fix the clipboard button
  • Fix close button design
  • Add patch note message
  • total gear score in the character page. 
  • being able to type "." as "0."
  • add a checkbox to activate/desactivate score on every items ( right now you can only see score on item you can wear )
  • compatible with vickingUI Tooltips
  • can see the score in the crafting window before making the item. 
  • Can use /chs [SPEC NAME] to switch specialization with macro !
  • New window in the character window to have a better display.
  • In this new window, you can see base Damage, base Heal, damage to death values.
  • Make the character window open for other addon to add their own values there. 
  • Resizable


  • include runes (empty and filled).
  • include steps in the Rank system with loss and gain.
  • include the best score across your specializations when you inspect someone to know what their specialization is. 

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