buttHousing Crate Vendor Thing

166 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 4, 2017 Game Version: API15

Changes the view of the housing Decor Crate, Decor Vendor, Advanced Controls and Landscape windows to make things MOAR BETTER.  Realtalk, the original crate window is way to bloated and huge, list items are way too tall and finding things takes ages.   Oh, and it looks like a colossal bag of butts.  This fixes all of that!  

Also adds certain quality of life functionality, mainly, the addition of incremental max-item jump to the crate delete function.  IE; when cleaning your crate, instead of having to click the > arrow a billion times to max out something you put a ton of on the plot, you just click the > arrow once, and it will automatically go to the MAXIMUM value, and then you can easily decrease the number one by one with the < arrow.  That drove me absolutely insane.  Anyway, it's here.  Probably will maintain it if enough people like it.


Disregard the communities button, just a preamble of things to come.


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