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This addon replaces the carbine default UI for visualizing breakable crowd control effects. I found that the default UI was too small for my liking, so I made a few changes to make it more noticeable and intuitive.


  • Bigger buttons.
  • Aids muscle memory by allowing users to rearrange buttons and progress bars in a layout that most accurately reflects their own keyboard setup. A T-shape button layout is used by default.
  • Buttons and progress bars can be moved anywhere on the screen, to whereever the user feels they are most noticeable.
  • Buttons will show directional arrows instead of keybinds by default. This behavior can be toggled on and off.
  • Radial progress bars for break percentage and time until natural break replaced with flat progress bars.
  • Sound effect plays when crowd control UI appears.

For dealing with other types of crowd control effects, check out my other addon, Clairvoyance.


  • /bo l or /bo layout - Toggles visibility of the UI components so that they can be moved.
  • /bo a or /bo arrows - Toggles display of directional arrows on buttons on and off.
  • /bo s or /bo sound - Toggles sound on and off.
  • /breakout can be used instead of /bo in all commands.

Future plans:

  • Separate voice cues for each direction that has to be pressed (forward, back, left, right). There is a function in the API that seems to support this (Sound.PlayFile()), but it doesn't seem to work at the moment. I'll implement this when the API is fixed or I figure out the syntax for the sound file to be played.

If you have problems getting the UI to show after updating to version 1.2 or newer, try exiting the game and then deleting the addon's saved data file (located in AddonSaveData\<account folder>\<server folder>\<character folder>) before restarting.


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