61,734 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 4, 2015 Game Version: API 11

The Commodities Exchange is a pretty powerful too. However, the default UI is missing some pretty important features. This addon adds a few of these important features for you to take advantage of like:

  • Better category filtering
  • Sell side filtering that is identical to the buy side! (Text, category, item level, item quality)
  • Now has support for other Marketplace addons like Supernova and CommodityStats
  • Sorting by name and item level. NOTE: The buy side only returns 50 items at a time. This will sort those 50 items. Best results are when you filter and sort at the same time
  • "Show Available Only" filter that will hide everything that cannot be bought/sold immediately. ! 
  • New sort filter: Price
  • New filter category: Show Below Vendor Only

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the confirm Buy Now price bug and squash it. That seems to be a Carbine thing.  I was right, and Carbine fixed it!


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