450,955 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 17, 2014 Game Version: API 8

The Goal:

To play the game more efficiently.   If you like to take your time and find things on your own, this addon is not for you.

What it does:

- "Closest" quest frame.  Can be disabled.  (quotes because it's often not right, Carbine decides this)

- Draws lines with distances to nearby "units of interest".  You pick what interests you in the options.  Can be nothing.

- Activates the built in Quest Arrow to the closest quest.  Can be disabled.

This addon is under active development.  I have many goals for it that I have not reached yet.  It's mostly a matter of having limited time.  I do actually like to play the game, as well as needing  to generate real life money occasionally with my time so my power doesn't turn off.  (I'm guessing it's hard to make addons without electricity)


Settings not saving:  This is not an issue specific to Ayth_Quest.  /bug report it to Carbine with details on what happened when you lost your settings, such as losing connection to world server.

Bugs:  The line number of the error is great and all, but really I NEED the following:  What version of Ayth_Quest?  What were you doing when it happened?  Is it related to a quest, what quest?  Is it related to an area, what area were you in?  Your specific details are the key to fixing bugs.

Tracking Categories: This is a work in progress, I add features as they seem stable, and then add more user configuration options to the features after. 

Requests:  I don't make any money making this addon.  I've received a total of 1 donation for $5 so far.  The "thank you" posts in the comments are the real reason I've kept actively developing.

Trackmaster:  Trackmaster is a great addon.  If you like trackmaster, use trackmaster, but stop posting about it.  I looked to use trackmaster for my lines when I first made Ayth_Quest but at the time it only supported drawing 1 line at a time.  I now have other goals for where I want to go with my lines, it's just a matter of time and triage. 




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