Auto Quest Tracker

11,554 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2014 Game Version: API 9

The original Datachrom has a problem with custom Quest Tracker Addons.
Until they fixed it use this or SMDC.


If someone finds a way to globally redirect "QuestTracker" GetAddon calls and dependencies to the current addon that replaces it, PLEASE let me know!!!



  • free movable and sizable Quest Tracker
  • Auto Repositioning by Datachrom if "Bottom Right" Anchor is selected
  • Top->Bottom sorted quests
  • Collapse far Episodes & Quests
  • Automatically tracks Quests that are on your current map (not 100% accurate)
  • Shows your Tradeskill Quests near Crafting Stations (5m or closer)
  • Optional Layout without Story Segments or Episodes
  • Sorts Quests by Distance (looks like this algorithm is more precise than the one carbine uses)
  • Change Color of Quest Tracker Background and Quest Titles (Needs ColorPicker)



  • /aqt   Open/Close Settings
  • /aqt reset   Resets ALL Settings
  • /aqt autohide 0/1   Toggles auto hide during Challenges
  • /aqt debug 0/1   Toggles Debug Outputs
  • /aqt log currentzonemap   Outputs your current Zone
  • /aqt log trackedquests   Outputs Regions of all your tracked Quests
  • aqt log quests   Outputs your Quests sorted by Categories and Episodes



  • Quest Tracking for Dungeons
  • more Custom Colors
  • maybe including a ColorPicker


Newest Changelog v0.2.2 (07.08.2014):
  • Updated for API 9
  • Implemented Carbines "EpisodeGroup" Changes


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