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Ever tried to manage a raid for an open world event? Every 2 minutes there's someone asking "does a group exist" and you don't want to spam the chat? Then this is for you!

This addon lets you define a slogan like »For R-12 /join me« which can be posted regularly on the zone chat.

It also lets you define some words, which it reacts to (e.g. "r12, r-12, +"). If anyone posts one of these words in the zone chat he will be invited automatically to the raid. And for all the other latecomers the slogan can be posted again.

Building a raid is fun again! :-)

After installation you can open and/or pin it with the start-menu-like button or by typing /afraid in any chat window.

It's not posting anything! What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. This is due to strange game behaviour. If you are not in a group and someone /joins you, he becomes the party leader. That's why afRaidAnnouncer starts posting to the zone channel only when you're in a group. But if it's activated it still reacts on keywords so it invites people using one of the keywords in the zone channel. After it invited the first group member and you are the group leader it starts posting automatically to that channel, if you selected to do so.


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