Valyrie's Friends Enhanced

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What's new in this version

  • Player information (notes, preferred roles and so on) is now being stored "per account" instead of "per character" as before, meaning that you will no longer need to sync this information between different characters as long as they all are on the same TSW account. If you want to get the notes to another account or PC then you still have to use the Export/Import feature in the Settings tab. Note: mod settings is still being saved "per character"
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from importing previously exported player information
  • Support for Vipers They Come And Go mod. If you have that mod installed and set it to "slave mode" then it will handle the actual display of all the player log in/out announcements instead of my Friends mod. The benefits of this is that you can get more control of the message presentation (position, color, timestamp and such)
  • Merged Friendsnotes and Cabalnotes (for the same player) so they always will show the same info no matter what tab you are in
  • All players specifically set to being monitored for logging in will now have their login announcement in purple color to stand out more (assuming you are not using TCAG in slave mode)
  • Code overhaul to make it more efficient and also easier to update in the future