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Why you probably need this.

When using Computer Terminal (well, devs insists we're "hacking", and I'm not going to make a big rant on how it's not a hacking at all), you expecting to fight with passwords and difficult questions, not the game interface itself. Sadly, that's how the things are in TSW, and SWL was not changed anything. That's why there are always was mods for computer interface in this game. Lack of screen space, arrows for navigation which can be only pressed by mouse click (btw the interface control scheme emulates the classic "keyboard only" terminal), and so on. There is a great mod for TSW called GHOSTTablet, and it's actually work in SWL, but I wanted more, and so I decided to make one myself. Frankly saying, it's my first mod ever. :)

What this mod about.

You got a rather big terminal with "neutral" design. In this game we're using many types of computers, from hi-tech Orochi laptops and tablets to old (that not mean simple/bad) "soviet-style" military monitors, including CRT ones. So I decided not to focus on any specific design and instead of "tablet" or "computer desktop/laptop monitor" I did "a monitor" (with front camera - you know, it's a game about conspirology, "Big Brother watches you", yadda yadda).

I wanted to get rid of that dread arrows (as probably most of you), and it was almost done, but... almost. Not completely. You will not see them anywhere except of some documents in "The Nursery". Do not attempt to click on arrows, they're only signs where you must scroll and in what direction, up or down. Scroll by pressing Up/Down arrows on keyboard or PgUp/PgDown (it scrolls by 1 line of text).

You can input "root", "hint", "help" and "quit" commands with shortcuts, so you don't need to actually type them.

And of course you can apply different skins for the interface! Skins are important. Because they're... well, they are cool, it quite enough. :)

How you can do all this stuff. There are 2 menus, hided by default, one invoked by holding the "Alt" button, and another by holding "Ctrl". So you just hold "Alt"/"Ctrl" and hit the right key. Here the shortcuts list:

  • Alt+R : root
  • Alt+H : hint
  • Alt+L : help
  • Alt+Q : quit
  • Ctrl+D : Dragon skin
  • Ctrl+I : Illuminati skin
  • Ctrl+T : Templars skin
  • Ctrl+L : Bloody Valentine skin
  • Ctrl+S : Standard (green/black) skin

Let's conclude what we have here:

  • Big screen with enough space fot text.
  • Navigation by keyboard only, you don't need mouse.
  • Shortcuts for usable commands.
  • Skins.


Unzip and put the files in %SWL_PATH%\Data\GUI\Custom\Flash, it'll override an original interface. Reload UI if ingame.


Delete folder "AdvancedComputerTerminal" and file "ComputerPuzzle.swf" from %SWL_PATH%\Data\GUI\Custom\Flash. Reload UI if ingame.

About feedback.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, it's my first work and I must learn a lot. Test it and tell what you think. Where you see bugs, not showing scroll arrows, color mismatches and so on. Localization mistakes are possible - I use a non-standard title line "DATA ACCESS ESTABLISHED", which absent in game localization database. I don't know exactly how it spells in German, and used google translator, so in German it'll be "DATENZUGANG GEGRÜNDET". If I made a mistake - tell me about that.

About donations.

If you want to thank the author of this mod and support his work (and him personally), feel free to use PayPal button on this page. May be that way I'll know what the Patron thing about.

What in plans.

  • Configuration saving, per character if possible (DONE, need testing by players);
  • Interface scaling (if and when I'll know how to do that);
  • Design adjustements based on users feedback (always ongoing task).


Sources avaible on GitHub: //github.com/Rianon/SWL" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://github.com/Rianon/SWL" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://github.com/Rianon/SWL


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