Last Updated: Nov 6, 2013


May 15, 2013

Owner: Misata2

Update: Now with stacking button to stack your items!
Note: You might need to press stacking multiple times to get all items stacked (it leaves rest when a stack reaches max size).

An Add on to sort your inventory with more options.

You can choose how you want your inventory to be sorted in the option window. You can also pick what inventory bag you want to be sorted, or all bags.

Note that sort by type takes first priority.

Your Settings are saved. You can move the options window around. 2 buttons to sort, one in main inventory and one in the options window. Works with VTIO.

Any features you would like to see? Or problems/bugs? Send me a in-game /tell Misata or leave it in the comments!

Extract the content of the ZIP file to The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized.

Things to come:
Lair sort


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