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v1.2.4 - Performance improvement update

  • Removed the stats in the damage meters
  • Removed pinable aegis window
  • Changed Character.SignalStatChanged to be only active while the gear menu is opened


  • Added a button if there is an ability on cooldown upon loading a build, that lets you force load a build, ignoring the ability on cooldown.

v1.2.2 - Added Bugs and Features

  • Aegis should'nt show negative percent values for shields anymore
  • Right clicking an aegis controller switches now both controllers to the same color
  • Right clicking an aegis auto select mode switches now both sides to the same mode
  • Added a window that shows the highest cooldown of abilities when changing the deck with the post loader active
  • The post loader will now wait for ability cooldowns before changing the deck

v1.2.1 - More than one character you must have, they said...

  • Fixed that the Post Loader was not working after relog / change character


  • Added functions that checks the gear after loading, and equips talismans and weapons the Gear Manager can't find, independent of upgrades the items have (I'll call it "Post Loader")*
  • Added FIFO messages that lets you know what items could'nt be loaded if you use the Post Loader functions
  • Added an option that lets you disable the Post Loader in case of emergency (enabled by default)
  • Added Ability tooltips to the deck picker and settings to enable / disable this tooltip

  • The Post Loader works without having to use the Gear Menu or Deck picker, it also applies to the default Gear Manager or other addons that use the com.GameInterface.GearManager.UseBuild function

v1.1.5 - Could be the last update for today

  • Fixed the height of the Gear menu if there are submenus in the deckpicker expanded

v1.1.4 - Fixed the fix again

  • Fixed calculation for the number of inventory items (still not working correclty in 1.1.3)

v1.1.3 - Bugfix for the last bugfix

  • Fixed calculation for the number of inventory items (broken in v1.1.2)
  • Added an option that keeps the deck pickers submenus expanded

v1.1.2 - Hold your hat, now it's fast

  • Changed the way combat trackers reset, they will no more automaticly reset while the player is in combat
  • Fixed Valyrie's Fashionista by disallowing multiple addon registrations (hardcoded for Valyrie's Fashionista v2.3.1 only!)
  • Improved the way the topbar searches for aegis shields in the inventory, might also improve some framerate issues
  • Improved calculation of Aegis XP, using a static xp table instead of the tooltip data, might also improve some framerate issues
  • Added Number of Hits and Heals to the combat trackers

v1.1.1 - If you read it, and you may ask "why?!?", the answer is... "because nobody knows what this pretty useless thing is for"

  • Fixed AutoNeedGreed by disallowing multiple addon registrations (hardcoded for AutoNeedGreed v2.0 only!)
  • Removed/Disabled Downloading icon
  • Fixed Region Teleport (Game Version: 1.14) now showing up in the menu
  • Fixed receiving a mail will now play the sound
  • Fixed hiding the compass should now be reliable


  • AutoSprint will now check for invisible buffs that contain "nosprint" or "no sprint"
  • Aegis percent should now update without having to close and open the Gear menu
  • Changed the alternate aegis swap mode to look for the buff "AEGIS Retaliation System", *crossing fingers that it works*
  • Added pinable aegis and auxiliary windows
  • Added help informations for aegis, aux and deckpicker
  • Changed 12 hour clock again, hopefully it's correct now
  • Finally the addons should now work properly, and register after relog
  • Combat trackers should now show the location the combat started, instead of the location the tracker was posted
  • Added Region Teleport menu button (should show up once issue 14 is live)

v1.0.9 - It's true... all of it

  • Changed 12 hour clock to show 12 instead of 0
  • AutoSprint will now check for the buffs XX NoSprint (invisible) and Intoxicated
  • Added an alternate Aegis swap mode that will automaticly swap controllers in Manufactury at the Suppression Drones based on their damage type
  • Aegis will now be forced to swap to the correct damage controllers if you target a Bounty Hunter (even if aegis auto swap is turned off, however you can turn aegis completly off)
  • Auto select Aegis can now no longer interrupt the Ophanim (wings) casts. Might be useful in Manufactury if you fail at the last boss like me
  • Auto pet summoning should now be reliable
  • Unsummoning a pet should now be reliable
  • The Pet button shows now a busy symbol while summoning/unsummoning
  • Topbar buttons will now stay highlighted when they are pressed
  • Disabled pet auto summoning in scenarios, because if you dont feed them enough they will eat your mines
  • Fixed the height of the Gear menu if the decklist is disabled
  • Disabling the decklist will now save and load correctly

v1.0.8 - Addons again and again

  • Added a transparent clip in front of addon icons to expand the accessible area
  • Duplicated addon icons are now resized to 100% before setting width and height (AutoNeedGreed)
  • Added an option to show/hide the default compass
  • Fixed the Addon Manager's addon list, no more showing duplicated items over it
  • Addon icons keep their settings, even if they dont register at one point (Resource Relocator/Nametag Overload after relog)
  • Fixed the auto summon of pets that I broke in the last version (is'nt perfect but better)

v1.0.7 - Do not read the following lines, thats just update notes

  • Aegis percent will now show correctly after teleport
  • The deck list can now be resized manually
  • Changed the initial layout of the topbar items
  • The menu should now always be on the left on the initial layout
  • Removed the 1 pixel gap on the left of the topbar
  • Menu clips will now dock to the right instead of being half outside of the window
  • AutoSprint will now stay active, but you can enable/disable it using the topbar icon or default sprint key
  • Increased the timer after teleporting to auto summon a pet from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Added a button on the end of the deck list to create a deck
  • Added right click functionality to the decks in the decklist that opens a menu
  • Fixed a critical spelling issue (Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker)
  • Added a confirmation dialog to deleting aux abilities
  • Oh man, you are really reading it
  • _root.mainmenuwindow will now link to _root.meeehrui\meeehrui-topbar for compatibility
  • Added windows to create, rename and update decks

v1.0.6 - Not done with the deck picker, but found a bug that needs an update

  • Replaced the onEnterFrame in the addon icons, to increase performance even more
  • Named the duplicated addon icons "Icon" to be compatible to VTIO
  • Using now global coordinates for addon icons
  • The decks in the Gear menu are now scrollable (will be improved in next release)
  • Fixed a very resource consuming bug, sorry, hope you guys dont hate me now

v1.0.5 - The big new update

  • Increased performance with calling UpdateTopbarLayout function only when it's really needed

v1.0.4 - Now you can show your friends, when it's over 9000

  • Fixed the 12 hour mode AM and PM
  • Improved the combat trackers to only update once a second, to improve performance in combat
  • Added indicators that show if the combat tracker is active
  • Disabling a combat tracker will now disable the updates for it
  • Right click one of the combat trackers icons will reset it now
  • Added Links to reset the combat tracker
  • Added Links to send the currently showing combat to the chat
  • Added Links to send the currently showing stats to the chat
  • Showing now the version number in the Addon Manager

v1.0.3 - Doing stuff and things

  • Fixed the issue that did'nt enable auto sprint after teleporting
  • Added a detailed combat tracker, seperatly for offensive, defensive and healing
  • Added the list of stats to the combat trackers
  • Fixed the combat tracker, which should now be more accurate
  • Aegis Autoselect will now be disabled if you disable the Gear menu or Aegis itself.
  • Improved Gui edit mode in the topbar, to allow free move and not dock on one side
  • Added mousewheel function to scrollable controls
  • Added DistributedValue "meeehrUI_IsLoaded" right before it send "VTIO_IsLoaded"
  • Improved the "ugly" looking Aegis in the Gear menu
  • FPS show/hide setting will now be saved
  • Added 12-Hour mode to the realtime and gametime clocks

v1.0.2 - All about the addons

  • Addon icons are now shown in GuiEdit mode
  • ElTorquiro's Addons will now work properly on the Topbar

v1.0.1 - I did my Homework

  • Fixed it that the icons in the gearmanager where black if you preview a build
  • Addon Manager shows now the correct state in the menu
  • Addons with long names will no longer mess up the addon manager
  • Added options to show/hide the Gear menu and parts of it
  • FPS and latency have now a fixed width on the topbar
  • The topbar items can now be dragged smooth in GuiEdit mode
  • Fixed the issue where you can't click on the white parts of any Aux icon
  • Added headlines in the Gear menu that say what this sections is for
  • Topbar items that have no actions dont highlight anymore if you hover it
  • And finally I broke my Mouse today

v1.0.0 - Initial release