Last Updated: Nov 6, 2013


Feb 7, 2013

Owner: JulianPaoloThiry

An alternate inventory view presenting all items in a detailed table.


  • All items in one list including Assembly, Equipment, and Bank
  • Item details as columns
  • Sort by any number of columns
  • Search items by name
  • Choose large or small row size
  • Choose number of rows to show
  • Supports all normal item interactions (dragging, splitting, etc.)
  • Almost fully internationalized
  • Integrates with Topbar Information Overload's Addon Manager
  • Can be opened by a hotkey

Things that may not be obvious:

  • The arrows at the top right of columns indicate the sort order. The brighter the arrow, the earlier in the sort order. When you click a column header (the word, not the arrow), that column becomes the first in the sort order and the rest are shifted accordingly.
  • The item type for some items is blank. The game internally calls all of these "Normal". I have not yet investigated if there is other data that could be used in place of "Normal"/blank.
  • If you are not using Topbar Information Overload, the addon's icon can be repositioned by holding CTRL and dragging it.
  • The hotkey to open this addon is your normal inventory hotkey (defaults to 'I') plus CTRL.
  • The little two-line button at the bottom center is a resize widget. Drag it up and down to change the number of rows.
  • The stack number overlay has been removed from the item icons. It is a column in the table (Count).
  • Abbreviated headers and any words that run longer than the column width have tooltips so you can see the full text by hovering over them.
  • Searching by name merely shifts items that match up to the top of the list. It does not provide any other visual feedback on items that do or do not match.
  • Even though bank items are shown, this is not a bank replacement. You still need to use the bank window to sell and mail items, access the cabal bank, and most other bank-specific actions.

Source code is available via git from curseforge.

If possible, please try to use the official forum for discussion in order to consolidate potentially useful information in one place.


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