Inventory Sort

Last Updated: Apr 4, 2015


Apr 2, 2013

Owner: Sykja

Inventory Sort is basically a clone of BagSort which fixes 2 things that have annoyed me for a while, namely the blocking of the client while sorting and reloading of the UI causing the inventory to break.


  • Adds sort button to default bag.
  • Can auto stack items in bags and bank.
  • Stack items from default bag onto existing stacks in bank.
  • Handles augments as their own item type.
  • Client continues running while the sort takes place.
  • Has two modes of layout for the sorted items (see screenshots).
  • Supports Vipers TopBar.
  • If TopBar is not installed, the options can alternatively be accessed using "/option SykjaSortOptionsVisible true"

Sort order:

  • Item Type
  • QL
  • Color
  • Sellprice
  • Name
  • Stacksize


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