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Filename ElTorqiro_UITweaks_v1.0.0.zip
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Uploaded Oct 25, 2015
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1.0.0 -- 2015-10-25

 ! release is a completely new structure -- ensure old version is fully deleted before installing

 + added new plugin, BagLock, which helps prevent accidental inventory window manipulation
 + Ability Bar FX has several new cosmetic features
 * Inspecto Patronum now opens inspection windows seamlessly, with no redraw hitch
 * config window options for plugins are now always available, even if the plugin is not enabled
 * config window now remembers which plugin you last had selected before closing it

 * updated to new standard ElTorqiro config window visuals
 * (tech) plugins are now part of the core architecture rather than being separate SWFs
 * (tech) pre-hook scans are now more efficient

 - removed Target of Target plugin; this is now available as a completely separate mod with more features