Catagorical's Enhanced TeamWindow

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2013


Jul 9, 2012

Owner: Catagorical


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Special Note

Any donations over $20 will be credited in the Readme as a special thank you.
Be sure to leave your username in your special instructions!

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Bolded means it's new in v6!

  • NEW: Horizontal and Vertical Layout options: Choose between a 5 person vertical column or a flat, horizontal row.
  • Mouseover Casting - Slide your mouse over a member of your team to make them your target. Great for healers!
  • Move and Lock Team Window - Look right, look left, look any way you want!
  • Move and Lock Defensive Window - Set it someplace and keep it there!
  • Defensive Target highlighting - Figure out exactly who your next heal is going to land on at a glance.
  • Sleek and simple appearance - The footprint is much smaller than the base UI, trimming out the unnecessary bits.
  • Buff Black and Whitelisting - Currently nonconfigurable. Set to hide Sprint 4, World Domination, and Nightmare Lockouts.
  • Team Menu - Configure options from right on the window. No hassle, clean and simple look.
  • Toggle Mouseover Mode - Do you prefer to click? Then hit that menu option and turn it right off!
  • Slash Commands: A full slash command system has been hooked into the configuration settings, bringing everything to your fingertips.
  • Settings persistence - Everything you do saves for the next time you play, every time!

Coming Soon

  • Buff display improvements


Unzip the addon zipfile into your BASE TSW folder.

For example, unzip it into C:\Program Files\Funcom\The Secret World\ if you installed to the default path.

It must be installed from whatever directory your root files are in so that the files are put in the right place.

If you are already logged in, type /reloadui.


Go to The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash. Delete TeamGUI.swf
Go to The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized. Delete the CET folder


Many things flow from the Team Menu


- None


  • Joe "Eavus" Silva
  • "Taelnia"
  • "MasterCB"


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