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Uploaded May 10, 2015
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* Updated to the 1.11 source code.

* Updated to the 1.8 source code.
* The font now matches the game's font more closely.

* (fix) Packaged the wrong files in 1.3
* Added region filtering dropdown to Tracked Missions (still no good way to do it for Available Missions).
* XP reward line is now shown for all repeatable missions.
* Tightened up the spacing between missions in the list.
* Fixed clipping issue on the rightmost buttons.
* Fixed the scroll-to-top issue for good this time.
* Tweaked visibility of buttons so that valid actions should appear regardless of which journal section is active.

* Fixed Tracked Missions not updating when a quest is updated while the Journal is open.

* Added a Tracked Missions list. Just click the "eye" icon on any repeatable, completed mission to add it to the list.

* Something went wrong with the font embedding in the previous version. Fixed.

* Updated for patch 1.4.
* Yes, I know the scroll issue when expanding/collapsing still exists - I've tried everything I can to fix it, and nothing seems to work.

* Fixed font (now contains all characters so words like "Drăculeşti" appear correctly.
* No longer scrolls to the top when expanding/collapsing entries. Well, ok, actually it does, but then it scrolls back down. This can be a bit jumpy sometimes, but it's better than having to scroll the window constantly.