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AEGISHelper 0.2

Description This will auto-swap AEGIS controllers on your first weapon (left side) when changing offensive targets. If you have the appropriate AEGIS controller on your second weapon (right side) it will not attempt to change your AEGIS.

Right now swaps will only happen when your target is changed.

What's new in 0.6.1:

  • Fixed type-o in option window
  • Fixed display of AEGIS XP to stop truncating
  • Fixed strangeness with Viper's Top Bar integration

Features: Current Features

  • Auto-Swap AEGIS
  • Window to track equipped AEGIS XP, shift+left click to move the window
  • Label controllers in inventory with type and current XP
  • Viper TopBar option window to enable/disable -AEGIS Swapping -XP Window -Inventory Labeling

Slash commands (typed into the chat window): /option AEGISHelper_AutoSwap [true|false] /option AEGISHelper_ShowXPWindow [true|false] /option AEGISHelper_LabelInventory [true|false]

Installation Unpack the .zip archive into <your Secret World Directory>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\ folder

\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\AEGISHelper\LoginPrefs. xml \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\AEGISHelper\Modules.xml \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\AEGISHelper\AEGISHelper .swf

Planned Features:

  • Change second weapon AEGIS for multi AEGII enemies
  • Colorblind tweaks for easier identification of shields and controllers


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