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Game Version 1.6
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Supported Game Versions


Version 3.08

  • Added support for new quest pin types.
  • Fixed quest pin tooltips.

Version 3.07

  • Addressed error messages.

Version 3.06

  • API version update.
  • Updated custom pin manager.

Version 3.05

  • Updated RU localization compatibility.

Version 3.04

  • Updated custom pin manager to be compatible with latest AUI changes.

Version 3.03

  • Added additional checks for custom pin code to ignore invalid data.
  • Updated map data.

Version 3.02

  • Added Japan localization by Kota.

Version 3.01

  • API version update.
  • Updated map data.

Version 3.00

  • Addressed error messages when entering unmeasured maps.

Version 2.99

  • Reduced saved variable and memory usage.
  • Updated map sizes.

Version 2.98

  • Reorganized map data.
  • Updated map sizes.
  • Slightly optimized map table referencing.

Version 2.97

  • API version update.
  • Updated map data.
  • Addressed missing camera pin issue.

Version 2.96

  • Added new wheel frame textures donated by Rhymer.

Version 2.95

  • API version update.

Version 2.94

  • Added Wrothgar maps and updated sizes.
  • New API version update.

Version 2.93

  • Updated Harven's custom pin support.

Version 2.92

  • Updated some delve map sizes.
  • Re-added missing declaration for Harven's custom pin support.

Version 2.91

  • Fixed rare custom pin clean up issue. Sometimes pins were not removing when they were supposed to (Lost treasure pins, Skyshard use, etc.).

Version 2.90

  • Fixed wayshrine distance calculations for border pins. There were unintentionally more than one wayshrine border pin instead of one closest appearing.

Version 2.89

  • Fine tuned custom pin updates.
  • Added compatibility with WaypointIt. Some minor changes required in WaypointIt to fix error messages.

Version 2.88

  • Fixed wrong custom pin appearances on some maps.

Version 2.87

  • Fixed rare error messages after using a wayshrine.

Version 2.86

  • Fixed errors with Harven's House hunter add-on.

Version 2.85

  • Fixed errors with Votan's Fisherman add-on.

Version 2.84

  • Fixed errors with Harven's Custom pins add-on.

Version 2.83

  • Improved Map transitions. Now having many custom pins shouldn't lock up UI while transiting maps. This should ensure seamless zone/subzone transitions. This improvement will take effect after you enter the map/submap for at least once with any character.
  • Reduced custom pin load delay after changing zone from 3s to 1s. This is just aesthetic change. No performance change.

Version 2.82

  • Further reduced execution costs on frequently called functions.

Version 2.81

  • Added Spanish translations by Kwisatz.
  • Optimized MiniMap updates. Reduced execution costs on most frequently used functions by 70%. This should resolve UI stutters after changing zones and having many quest/border pins.
  • Slightly improved map transitions. Map transitions still lock up UI for a brief moment when having many custom pins.

Version 2.80

  • Changed Custom pins refresh/removal code to support single pin group updates. This change will allow immediate custom pin updates such as after HarvestMap node, Lorebook, Skyshard etc. pickup/use.
  • Slightly improved map transitions.
  • Slightly improved MiniMap reload.
  • Addressed MiniMap performance issue after wayshrine usage.
  • Updated some cave map sizes in Stormhaven.

Version 2.79

  • Increased max zoom in to 50.
  • Optimized quest pin updates and checks. This should address some performance issues.
  • Added additional Map refresh callback when transiting maps to ensure proper map content is displayed on both Map and MiniMap.

Version 2.78

  • Fixed pin scaling.
  • Tweaked map transitions a little. Sometimes switching between maps with different scaling tiles were not updating properly. Now there will be a brief zoom animation after changing map.

Version 2.77

  • Fixed completed POI updates.
  • Added removal check for obsolete saved variable table.

Version 2.76

  • Removed obsolete scroll stepping performance setting. This setting was removed because performance gain became less than a cost after latest game update.
  • Fixed quest pin click handler.
  • Small keep network update optimizations.

Version 2.75

  • Removed obsolete texture refresh performance setting. Map texture refresh only happens during map loads, or rotation mode. This change slightly improves performance.
  • Fixed custom pin border pin refresh issues (Destinations available quests, Treasure maps).
  • Further optimized some refresh code. Small changes to improve performance.

Version 2.74

  • Fixed wheel mode error.
  • Tweaked pin updates a little to improve efficiency.

Version 2.73

  • Changed PvP map pin handlers from anonymous to local functions to reduce lag.
  • Slightly optimized pin updates.
  • Fixed Pin View Range Filtering.
  • Removed some no longer used/needed variables/functions.

Version 2.72

  • Reworked custom pin placement again. This should eliminate map stutters.
  • Optimized pin updates to address performance issues.
  • Fixed custom pin tooltip errors for Craglorn border pins (Destinations).

Version 2.71

  • Changed non PvP map/border pin handlers from anonymous to local functions to reduce lag. This change may improve your UI performance.
  • Reworked custom pin placement again. Seems to be faster.

Version 2.70

  • Fixed Zoom In/Out animations.
  • Fixed pin update for square mode.
  • Tweaked map transition updates to run smoother.
  • Made a few minor performance tweaks.
  • Disabled some cleanup functionality (which was safe to use before update 1.7) to reduce lag, though it might not be noticable.

Version 2.69

  • Updated addon to API version 100012.
  • Fixed Map issues caused by MiniMap (could not zoom out of Tamriel/Coldharbor, wrong Cyrodiil pins if zoomed in there while outside).
  • Fixed MiniMap settings errors (Border pin options and recommended square/wheel modes).

Version 2.68

  • Redesigned many pin update events. All MiniMap modes now run smoother and more reliable.
  • Moved public procedure declarations to the main table. A code convenience change.
  • Added zoom animations to zoom in/out events (keybound and mouse over MiniMap scroll).
  • Added automatic MiniMap freeze for 1s if UI FPS drops by 10 below average - this should give full power to the UI when there is heavy need. This is a performance safeguard feature. •Reworked speed measurement. Should return more consistent values, especially during cross map (zone/subzone) transitions.
  • Addressed missing pin and custom pin refresh issues.
  • Updated map sizes for Craglorn group delves.
  • Fixed some small bugs with custom pin placement/refresh/removal for all modes.

Version 2.67

  • Tweaked rotation mode updates. Rotation mode will work smoother and faster now. This change will allow to use rotation mode with a higher number of custom pins.
  • Updated map sizes for a few Craglorn group delves.
  • Fixed some small bugs with custom pin placement/refresh/removal for all modes.

Version 2.66

  • Fixed custom pin updates in square mode. Now custom pins will be seen in all modes once again.
  • Added additional checks for places without map textures so you don't get spammed by error messages.

Version 2.65

  • Added performance settings for pin update chunks and time intervals. This will let you customize how smooth pin updates should happen. Default settings are optimal.
  • Optimized available quest giver filtering from Destinations add-on (for border pins). When there were more than 5 available quests per zone and MiniMap had to choose 5 nearest pins to show - there were annoying performance hiccups. This change made the feature harmless to the UI performance.
  • Fixed some custom pin refresh issues.
  • Polished some functions for efficiency.
  • Removed some obsolete code.

Version 2.64

  • Reworked custom pin updates. They now update in chunks with small delays - this change will allow you to play with much more custom pins before you get performance decrease.
  • Reworked pin cleanup. Clean up will also be processed in chunks with small delays - this change reduces UI hiccups to minimum during map transitions.
  • Optimized some math functions. Slow PC users may notice some performance increase.
  • Implemented border pin coloring. Now Destinations users can see available quest pins on border in color of their choice.
  • Added missing settings translations.
  • Changed Keep network updates so they only happen in Cyrodiil. This should address wrong pin appearance while in Cyrodiil caves.

Version 2.63

  • Fixed performance issues after switching Cyrodiil campaigns.

Version 2.62

  • Fixed group member combat state pin updates.
  • Fixed keep under attack state pin display.
  • Updated some cave map sizes.
  • Added new feature - group member index labels. You can enable it in Player and Group Pin Settings.

Version 2.61

  • Fixed group member pin visibility in square mode.
  • Fixed dead group leader/member pin color setting.
  • Slightly reorganized group pin refresh code. Just a code convenience change.

Version 2.60

  • Reworked wheel mode pin visibility checks. This change signifficantly improves MiniMap performance in wheel mode.
  • Reworked pin placement in rotation mode. This change signifficantly improves rotation mode. Yes now you can enjoy this mode even if you have up to 600 active pins per zone. You may still have good performance with more active pins, however I would not reccomend using it.
  • Slightly optimized pin object management. This change may improve some performance on slower systems.
  • Fixed performance issues for some zones. There was an issue with some specific zones (Belkarth for example) where you had a signifficant performance drops after entering them.

Version 2.59

  • Fully reworked group pin updates. More efficiency, more accuracy, more code convenience :).
  • Fixed MiniMap menu autohide.

Version 2.58

  • Added additional checks to ensure that cleaned pin textures stay hidden when in wheel mode.
  • Added some missing local variable declarations.

Version 2.57

  • Further more optimized Keep Network updates. This should make MiniMap run on PTS as good as on live.
  • Changed keep network clean up to be more thorough. This is just a code convenience change without any visual traces.

Version 2.56

  • Changed Keep network refresh rate minimum and maximum values in performance settings to 900 - 8000 ms.
  • Slightly optimized KeepNetwork refresh code.
  • Tweaked pin cleanup routines to unload textures. Technically this should reduce memory usage after pin cleanup, however I could only see the difference on PTS.

Version 2.55

  • Made MiniMap compatible with the current PTS version. Please note that minimap.txt has live API version specified. If you want to use MiniMap on PTS change line APIVersion: 100011 to APIVersion: 100012 in that file.

Version 2.54

  • Changed alignment of a Zone Name label control. It now should keep its upper vertical position regardless of how much text is displayed.
  • Updated some map sizes.

Version 2.53

  • Improved pin clean up routines (for zone change). Cleaned pins should no longer interfere with UI in any way.
  • Updated some map sizes.

Version 2.52

  • Fixed known issue with combat auto-hide. If you manually hide MiniMap it will no longer becomes visible after combat if you have this option enabled.
  • Fixed rare case with POI pins not showing when they should.

Version 2.51

  • Added support for optional add-on _0_MapAPI which should store necessary references to Map API used by MiniMap. If you check the option "Dont use ZygorGuides altered API" even if you don't have ZygorGuides but have _0_MapAPI enabled - MiniMap will try to use original API.
  • Refined some pin control acquisition functions. These are just code convenience changes.

Version 2.50

  • Updated settings translations.

Version 2.49

  • Adden new option to select speed measurement unit. You can now select ft/s, m/s and %. First two are assumed values, the percentage is a raw value of how faster or slower your movement is compared to unmodified run speed, where 100% is a top speed of unmodified run speed on your feet.

Version 2.48

  • Fixed wrong quest placement after changing zones or UI reload initiated just before entering new map.
  • Further optimized map content updates. Reduced redundant update executes (added more checks to ensure updates happen when there is need).This slightly improves MiniMap performance.

Version 2.47

  • Optimized Map updates.
  • Added Custom Pin Refresh delay of double pin refresh rate after changing maps. This will greatly improve performance for rapid movement between zone and subzone forth and back.

Version 2.46

  • Updated Speed calculation procedure to update less frequently so you can actually see the full number with decimals. This may also have some slight performance improvement on very slow PCs.

Version 2.45

  • Updated Wayshrine and available quest border pin placement procedures to reduce workload. This may have some performance improvement for slow PCs.
  • Updated French settings translations.

Version 2.44

  • Added performance setting to disable Worldmap refresh when changing maps. You should leave it enabled if you don't have any performance issues while moving between zones. If you have lag spikes after entering new zones (most likely because of many custom pins) set this setting off - this setting will instruct MiniMap not to force all custom pin add-ons to refresh pins as soon as you enter new map and will let MiniMap gather custom pin data at a much slower pace reducing lag.
  • Updated some settings translations.

Version 2.43

  • Added option to display Location pins with crafting services on border.
  • Optimized Location pin (banks, stables, crafting services) placement on border.

Version 2.42

  • Added br_strings.lua file (en_strings.lua copy) to lang folder. This will address issues with MiniMap using unofficial Português BR translation.
  • Fixed ocasional error messages with group (and all other in some very rare cases) pin tooltips.

Version 2.41

  • Fixed some error messages for border pin tooltips.
  • Fixed rare issue of MiniMap stopping updates. This could happen after rapid zone switching.
  • Updated map sizes for some more delves.
  • Added missing map for Craglorn delve Rkhardahrk.

Version 2.40

  • Re-added missing Vixion Shiny Gold wheel texture.
  • Updated map sizes for some Rift delves.

Version 2.39

  • Changed switching between wheel and square modes. There will be no more hiding of MiniMap while switching to wheel mode.
  • Fine tuned MiniMap optimizations. Made some small changes that slightly improve overall MiniMap performance and FPS while having MiniMap on.

Version 2.38

  • Added unofficial language (Russian) support. Translation by KiriX.
  • Moved font definition table to language files which will make it easier to further localize MiniMap to any other oficially unsupported language.

Version 2.37

  • Further optimized custom pin updates.
  • Optimized map transition code. This change improves FPS during map transitions with many custom pins.
  • Added dynamic map stepping while moving faster than sprinting. This change improves FPS while riding a mount at fast speeds.

Version 2.36

  • Optimized custom pin copy routine - reduced memory usage and workload. This change increases overall MiniMap performance. There is noticable performance increase while transiting maps with many custom pins.

Version 2.35

  • Updated map sizes for Eastmarch delves.
  • Added pin filtering exception for Craddlecrush Arena map (wayshrines, POIs and locations should not be there). This map has missing textures, it will be blank just like you would see on main map but without redundant map pins unlike on main map.

Version 2.34

  • Added more missing maps (hopefully last ones) to map table and updated sizes for them.

Version 2.33

  • Added additional checks for places without map texture coverage. Places like Imperial Underground in Woodhearth should no longer fire any eroor messages.
  • Added some missing maps for quest instances to map table and updated sizes for all Shadowfen caves and instances.

Version 2.32

  • Slightly simplified and optimized several MiniMap internal functions.
  • Fixed sizes for all Deshaan caves.

Version 2.31

  • Fixed rare missing POI pin issue. MiniMap sometimes (in very rare cases) failed to load POI pins after entering new map.

Version 2.30

  • Optimized map content updates on MiniMap.
  • Improved MiniMap sensitivity for map changes.
  • Added additional checks for map states to ensure no MiniMap updates happen during Map browsing. This should eliminate unwanted pins on MiniMap after opening Wayshrine or Transitus interface or just browsing Map.
  • Added slight delay for pin data loading upon map zone changes to reduce ESO Client workload. This should improve overall FPS during map transitions, but having alot of custom pins on entered map will still require alot of processing.

Version 2.29

  • Added new option to show MiniMap while using a siege weapon. It is in View and Mode settings.

Version 2.28

  • Optimized subzoneless mode (when option to disable subzone maps is turned on). This option had performance issues while in subzones.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.

Version 2.27

  • Added MiniMap French translation by Ayantir. Now MiniMap is translated to official languages.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.

Version 2.26

  • Changed MiniMap behavior of Show event after WorldMap changes the state allowing some time to finish map updates. This should prevent some unwanted map pins to be shown on MiniMap after closing the wayshrine interface.
  • Moved key bind strings to language files and translated to German.

Version 2.25

  • Added MiniMap German translation by Baertram.
  • Added distance to Location, POI, Custom and Waypoint pin tooltips.
  • Added new option for up to 5 available quest border pins from Destinations v.1.6.0 or higher.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes (now almost every map has correct size values, there are still some maps that need double checking).

Version 2.24

  • Prepared MiniMap for localization to official ESO languages. All localizable strings are stored in lang folder (in XX_strings.lua files, where XX - language letters: en, de, fr). At the moment all language files are same english text copies. German and French MiniMap users are welcome to contribute their translations.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.

Version 2.23

  • Added option to display LostTreasure add-on pins on border. This will show all active LostTreasure pins on border (if they are visible on WorldMap). If you don't have this add-on installed this option will be ignored.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.

Version 2.22

  • Added option to display closest Wayshrine on MiniMap border ;). Yes, I know I said its not worth touching, but I couldn't resist it. So, enjoy.
  • Added distance in approximate skill usage meters to border pin tooltips. Note: this distance is only approximate number based on my own observations and calculations.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.
  • Fixed MiniMap display for Mac clients (confirmed).
  • Fixed naughty player Waypoins (they were multiplying on their own).

Version 2.21

  • Updated map table with texture dimension and tile count data.
  • Changed map tile texture size calculation function to use stored size data if API returns wrong dimensions. This should fix MiniMap issues for Mac clients (needs confirmation).

Version 2.20

  • Added option to display Bank pins on MiniMap border. Bank pins will apear on border only if the entered map contains them.
  • Added option to display Stables pins on MiniMap border. Stables pins will apear on border only if the entered map contains them.
  • Fixed map transition error in rotation mode.

Version 2.19

  • Optimized MiniMap map changing. Now map transitions will happen faster and more reliable in all view modes.
  • Changed hide/show events, they now disable/enable update calls.
  • Removed some obsolete code.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.

Version 2.18

  • Fixed Cyrodiil keep network transit lanes display in wheel mode. And clearing outside Cyrodiil.
  • Changed MiniMap behavior during map transitions. There will be a small delay for MiniMap to be refreshed. This should fix any lag issues with a frequent zone vs subzone border crossing.
  • Altered load event, MiniMap should appear more reliably in wheel mode.
  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.
  • Updated distance measurement references to new data structure.

Version 2.17

  • Updated map table with new calculated sizes.
  • Fixed group member texture for border pin error.

Version 2.16

  • Updated map table with a full list of currently available map textures.
  • Updated map transition procedures so they do slightly less work behind the scenes. This should result in some performance improvement.
  • Changed zoom level table in saved variables to be easier accessed. When you first time log in with a newer version zoom table will be upgraded. However if you downgrade to lower version - all stored zoom levels will be lost (make back ups if needed).
  • Updated /fyrmm report command to report all missing maps sizes that your client measured which are not included in the packaged table. it will say in chat "Nothing to report" if your client didn't measure anything new.
  • Changed pin filtering. They are now tied to unique MapId.
  • Added option to disable subzone maps. While I find this feature odd, there are some people who requested it. Feel free to use it if you find it useful.

Version 2.15

  • Changed speed display from m/s to ft/* s. Numbers are the same, just measurement unit now is more in line with reality.
  • Added and updated more map size entries.

Version 2.14

  • Added precalculated map sizes table for more consistent speed display. At the moment table includes majority of ESO maps. Missing maps will be measured upon first entry as before.
  • Added chat command /fyrmm debug. This will show debug information about map size in assumed meters.
  • Added chat command /fyrmm report. This will bring up mail send dialogue and fill in the debug data about map to be sent to the MiniMap author. I encourage you to use this command if you find a map where movement speed is not normal (9m/s unmodified run speed 12m/s sprinting speed). In the body text you can add additional comment after the filled in lines. This will help to fill the map table with consistent data.

Version 2.13

  • Changed MiniMap minimal stepping value to 0.1. This will allow to set smoother MiniMap scolling experience.
  • Altered speed calculation to display less jumpy numbers they are now average between last 2 points.
  • Added movement speed change callback for add-on developpers "MovementSpeedChanged". You can register for this callback like this - CALLBACK_MANAGER:RegisterCallback("MovementSpeedChanged", function(speed) d(speed) end). This callback will fire even if you disable speed display in MiniMap settings, but will not fire if MiniMap is hidden. Minimal delay for this callback defined in performance settings "Position Refresh Delay" in milliseconds.

Version 2.12

  • Added new feature - Movement Speed display. To enable it - go to MiniMap Info Settings and enable "Show Movement speed".

Version 2.11

  • Fixed group leader border pin tooltips
  • Fixed group member and group leader border pin textures
  • Fixed phantom group member issue (after group travel, using wayshrine, changing zones group member phantom pins were following player).

Version 2.10

  • Fixed some issues with quest area pin updates in wheel mode.

Version 2.09

  • Fixed ocasional pin size distorsion issues.
  • Tweaked map tile updates. They now look better in rotation mode (slight visible gaps between tiles were appearing in some angles).
  • Reorganized quest pin updates. This should fix all missing and redundant quest pin issues.

Version 2.08

  • Optimized pin re-anchoring. This slightly improves MiniMap performance.
  • Changed movement updates. MiniMap scrolling appears smoother now.

Version 2.07

  • Optimized quest pin placement and updates.
  • Optimized quest border pin placement.
  • Fixed some issues with area quest pins in wheel mode.

Version 2.06

  • Addressed area quest pin placement issue on a wheel mode map. Naughty area quest pins should no longer go outside wheel.
  • Fixed quest pin tooltips. Tooltips for quest pins shoul no longer show duplicate entries.
  • Fixed quest selection submenu. Submenu should only be visible if there are multiple choices for different quest selection.
  • Fixed incorrect refference for the hide button. Clicking hide button will once again hide MiniMap.
  • Improved pin filtering in wheel mode. Pins inside the wheel should hide/show more consistenly.
  • Improved quest pin updates. Quest pins now reflect quest pin objectives more accurately. However, if quest log shows objectives even though on main map they are not displayed - pins for them will remain on minimap until objectives are no longer listed.

Version 2.05

  • Tweaked MiniMap hiding/showing a little more. This should fix "naked" round maps during some dialogues.
  • Axis label backgrounds were resizing on their own. Tweked them so they don't.

Version 2.04

  • Improved MiniMap hiding/showing. This should fix some interferences with other ingame controls.

Version 2.03

  • Added additional check for offline group members (this fixes offline group member pins following player issue)

Version 2.02

  • Added border pin scale up animations for mouse over events.
  • Added border waypoints pin tooltips.

Version 2.01

  • Added pin scale up animations for mouse over events. This is an aesthetic change. Seeing a selected pin is more clear now.

Version 2.00

  • Changed MiniMap appearance when Crown Store is active. MiniMap will hide when Crown Store is shown.
  • Fixed MiniMap Menu interference with other controls when MiniMap is hidden.

Version 1.99

  • Added additional checks for valid quest pins. Compleated Quest pins should go away more reliably.
  • Fixed Zone name label visibility behavior. It should stay hidden if set so.

Version 1.98

  • Repackaged with LibAddonMenu-2.0 r17 (this should solve compatibility issues)
  • Fixed MiniMap menu autohide/show (menu will not show up if MiniMap is hidden)

Version 1.97

  • Updated for game version 1.6

Version 1.96

  • Fixed settings panel errors
  • Changed appearance of border pins that have no valid textures (they no longer take quest pin look)

Version 1.95

  • Added setting for additional menu textures (contributed by Vixion)
  • Addressed Menu reappearances despite the setting value to disable it

Version 1.94

  • Added setting to disable MiniMap menu
  • Fixed Default (at the bottom) zone name placement

Version 1.93

  • Revamped MiniMap menu (new menu textures contributed by Vixion)
  • Added setting for menu auto-hide
  • Updated pin display in wheel mode (pins should no longer be visible outside the wheel boundaries)

Version 1.92

  • Restructured MiniMap objects and refined some procedures to be compatible with PTS API

Version 1.91

  • Added 4 new Vixion's wheel and 2 new player/camera pin textures
  • Added missing group member pin clean up in group pin update events

Version 1.90

  • Fixed Waypoint, Rally, Ping border pin updates when changing maps (using shrine, travelling to a group/guild member)

Version 1.89

  • Added option for Player Pin style (setting to display a single Player pin or to display Player and Camera pins)
  • Added option to select Player and Camera pin textures (to use ESO ingame pins or alternate MiniMap's textures)

Version 1.88

  • Fixed border pins for offline group members (they have to be hidden)
  • Fixed wheel border texture heading after switching between rotation modes
  • Added non-animated Ping and Rally pin textures to MiniMap
  • Made Rally and Ping pins appear on the border if option for player waypoint is turned on. Note that Ping has very limited lifespan, you may miss its appearance on MiniMap if you wait long enough before closing worldmap.

Version 1.87

  • Added option in Border Pin Settings to display player waypoint pin on the MiniMap border (feature requested by Garkin)

Version 1.86

  • Added 4 more new wheel textures designed by Vixion

Version 1.85

  • Added 6 new wheel textures designed by Vixion

Version 1.84

  • Fixed loading errors in rotation mode

Version 1.83

  • Updated to latest API - Updated font list and repackaged missing fonts for legacy support.
  • Added POI pin exception by Garkin for crafting stations if there is add-on CraftingStations.

Version 1.82

  • Added Mixed player pin heading option. When this option selected - player pointer will be showing moving direction while moving and camera direction while standing.

Version 1.81

  • Fixed Cyrodiil kill location pin (crossed swords) display
  • Added Zone name display option. You can choose to display ZoneName, ZoneName and LocationName, LocationName.
  • Fixed some typos and text formatting.

Version 1.80

  • Improved quest pin update, quest pin updates are now more reliable.

Version 1.79

  • Added default zoom level setting for every new map
  • Fixed Zoom increment saving and loading

Version 1.78

  • Tweaked hide compass switch - it should no longer alter Compass visibility if option is set to Off
  • Added range filtering switch and view distance settings for custom pins - this option may help to improve performance if you have too many pins (resource nodes for example). Distance filtering is Off by default. Distance is measured in approximate meters, same way as distance to wayshrines is shown in tooltips.

Version 1.77

  • Added new texture for map background in square mode
  • Added setting to disable add-on startup message. Some rude asshat in zone chat asked for it, sorry couldn't resist to mention it.
  • Fixed group member in-combat state display
  • Fixed border pin tooltips for group members

Version 1.76

  • Optimized Map tile placement and updates for all modes (this also addressed zoom issues)

Version 1.75

  • Fixed a typo in settings tooltips
  • Changed LAM panel name for compatibility with old FCMQT
  • Added missing default values for position and zone labels (if you allready set the values it won't change anything for you)

Version 1.74

  • Added buttons in settings to load square or wheel mode defaults for quick mode change.
  • Added background texture for wheel mode for better looks with alpha set (I don't reccomend using alpha in wheel mode though)
  • Fixed some more UI interference issues while MiniMap is hidden (while banks, vendors, npc dialogues/interactions are open).
  • Rebranded Add-on to a new name. From now on it is MiniMap by Fyrakin.

Version 1.73

  • Fixed map texture refresh when transitting between larger and smaller maps in other modes.
  • Enabled border pins on wheel mode.
  • Optimized border pin placement and updates.
  • Fixed visual glitch when hiding/unhiding MiniMap in Wheel mode.

Version 1.72

  • Fixed map texture refresh in wheel mode when transitting between larger and smaller maps

Version 1.71

  • Fixed Forward camp tooltips and diameter
  • Tweaked keep links in wheel mode, they update smoother now.
  • Added options to select font/size/style for player position display
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.70

  • Added options to select font/size/style for Zone name and choose default or free placement location for it.
  • Added Wheel Mode Texture selection. There are 5 textures at the moment made by Moosetrax and Deathangel.

Version 1.69

  • Added background for map to fill in the missing texture when zooming out or nearing the edge of the map
  • Slighly Moved border Pins so they are allways inside MiniMap limits
  • Rearranged MiniMap settings, so they are easier to find and set
  • Fixed several visual and UI interference issues
  • Added options for player position display position, background, color (you can choose fixed position over top or bootm of minimap or free anywhere placement)

Version 1.68

  • Added new feature - border pins for quests and group members. Group pins still need testing. This setting is off by default.
  • Packaged Moosetrax's wheel textures, they are not yet selectable, options to select them will be added later.

Version 1.67

  • Fixed assisted quest pin display

Version 1.66

  • Added true Wheel mode functionality to MiniMap, default setting is off. Note that for Wheel mode only width will be taken, however labels will be shown at their true locations (height matters).
  • Corrected some discrepancies in Rotational axis label display, they now display correct labels at correct places.

Version 1.65

  • Changed Coordinate display formatting
  • Slightly optimized Pin placement (this may become noticable with thousands of pins though)
  • Small fixes

Version 1.65

  • Changed Coordinate display formatting
  • Slightly optimized Pin placement (this may become noticable with thousands of pins though)
  • Small fixes

Version 1.64

  • Fixed MiniMap Rotation direction in Rotation mode.
  • Fixed Axis labels. Axis labels should allways stay over the border after clicking/resizing/moving MiniMap.
  • Added semitransparent background blobs behind Axis labels for better view.

Version 1.63

  • Updated to latest API version.
  • Added compass labels (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) over MiniMap border for Rotation mode.

Version 1.62

  • Fixed issues with quest area pins sometimes causing error messages.
  • Tweaked gaps between texture tiles in rotation mode.

Version 1.61

  • Added MiniMap setting for map rotation. This feature was inspired by DeathAngel's RadarMiniMap I thought there are some people who were missing this feature, so here it is.
  • Fixed some rare quest pin issues.

Version 1.60

  • Fixed Reset to defaults from settings menu.
  • Fixed Cyrodiil transitus shrine network/worldmap display.
  • Removed some obsolete code.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 1.59

  • Changed Zoom setting to be saved for each valid map separately, removed subzone Zoom as it is obsolete. Every time you set foot on a map without saved Zoom level - default zoom level 10 will be set.
  • Fixed some visual glitches.
  • Refined and optimized MiniMap code.

Version 1.58

  • Fixed undiscovered wayshrine pin change when they are discovered
  • Fixed Locked MiniMap size issue when add-on loading

Version 1.57

  • Changed map transition it is now more reliable and works faster.
  • Fixed position/size change when MiniMap is locked (values in settings are now ignored if it's Locked)

Version 1.56

  • Fixed distance calculation for Coldharbour

Version 1.55

  • Slightly optimized MiniMap load event (initial loads are more efficient)
  • Added callback for Add-on developpers to fire when map changed. You can register for them like this: CALLBACK_MANAGER:RegisterCallback("OnZrMiniMapChanged", function() d("MiniMap just changed...") end)

Version 1.54

  • Added distance measurement functionality for future features, wayshrines now have a distance in their tooltips. Add-on developpers can use GetCurrentMapSize() to get the current map size in meters.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

Version 1.53

  • Added new option to show unexplored Wayshrines and POIs. Now you can see undiscovered POIs and wayshrines on MiniMap and set unknown POI pin color. Note that all undiscovered POI Pins will be displayed as (!).

Version 1.52

  • minor fixes

Version 1.51

  • Added option for ZygorGuides users to use original API (this should fix lag issues)
  • Further optimized Quest pin placement

Version 1.50

  • Addressed error message after loading.

Version 1.49

  • Fixed Quest pin zooming and updating when passing transition areas such as caves without doors
  • Fixed Group pin flashing
  • Fixed POI pin updates when POI objectives compleated

Version 1.48

  • Rearranged pin placement layers (moved custom pins to the bottom)
  • Optimized zoom events
  • Optimized Quest, Location and POI pin refresh events only to occur when map changes
  • Tweaked quest updates so they only occur when there is really need for it (this should reduce to minimum unwanted side effects on other addons listening to event EVENT_QUEST_POSITION_REQUEST_COMPLETE)

Version 1.47

  • Added Cyrodiil battle pins to Keep Network refresh code
  • Added Forward camp tooltips

Version 1.46

  • Fixed Forward camp pins (for real)

Version 1.45

  • Improved Quest pin placement stability
  • Fixed forward camp pins

Version 1.44

  • Added Location pin safety check for compatibility with Zygor add-on. This should eliminate error messages while using this add-on.

Version 1.43

  • Updated pin position updates (they are not supposed to happen during pin creation/updates)

Version 1.42

  • Added MiniMap Menu outise top left corner. Menu functions: Lock Position and Size, Reload MiniMap, Addon Settings. Menu is semi transparent and becomes fully visible when mouse is over the buttons. (Menu will not be accessible if you fully move minimap to the left of the screen)

Version 1.41

  • Redesigned Wayshrine, Location and POI Pin code - its now worldmap independant, Unexplored items will appear on MiniMap as you get close enough more accurately
  • Redesigned legacy pin update code to work without altering worldmap states, this change improves MiniMap performance
  • Fixed several minor issues with pin placement

Version 1.40

  • Fixed autohide mode so it doesn't interfere with worldmap

Version 1.39

  • Added new MiniMap feature in combat autohide there are two settings for it one to enable it another is a delay in seconds after combat to autoshow. This feature is disabled by default.

Version 1.38

  • Fixed combat state display for group member pins
  • Fixed Keep link flashing

Version 1.37

  • Added MiniMap pin menu to select a quest when there are multiple quest pins at the same location

Version 1.36

  • Added new setting to display combat state background for player and group member pins (it is On by default)
  • Fixed phantom quest pin issue

Version 1.35

  • Fixed several issues in the new quest pin update code
  • Tweaked MiniMap a little to better handle problematic maps, for example Harborage will display overland map instead, but won't show player position as it doesn't exist on the map (if you enter Harborage from the door outside, player pin and map position will stick to outsite position). This tweak may or may not fix other black map issues.
  • Added color settings for dead group leader and member pins

Version 1.34

  • Fully reworked quest pins and how they update - they no longer rely on worldmap and refresh/update independently
  • Changed zoom events to scale pin positions insted of fully reloading them this improves zoom event responsiveness and smoothness
  • Reduced redundant workload of Pin refresh events to minimum required, they occur at set intervals as before but only do something if there were any changes
  • Fixed Keep Link placement they were hiding for no reason in some cases
  • Added Zoom stepping setting, now you can change zoom stepping to any number between 0.1 and 2 (default value 1)

Version 1.33

  • Added new performance setting for keep network refresh
  • Fully reworked Cyrodiil keep network pin updates, they no longer rely on worldmap and refresh/update independently, this allows MiniMap to perform robust and efficient updates

Version 1.32

  • Added sounds to toggle MiniMap by keybound event

Version 1.31

  • Added performance setting for MiniMap View stepping, now you can set up a thresold in points how often MiniMap should update while character moves (this setting has no effect on player pin rotation and

position display)

  • Slightly improved Map change events for subzones (Map change should be more reliable now)

Version 1.30

  • Improved MiniMap performance

Version 1.29

  • Changed Zoom and Subzone Zoom settings to Default Zoom and Default Subzone Zoom, they no longer have immediate effect on MiniMap zoom
  • Zoom levels are now stored and changed separately for each zone, if you enter a zone which doesn't have stored zoom level default zoom level will be taken
  • Zoom levels for delves, quest zones, cities and over land maps are now separate and should be set by either zoom keys or mouse wheel (while mouse over MiniMap)

Version 1.28

  • Legacy code fixes - fixed typo in code and limited saved variables file only to saved variables (delete ZrMM.lua in saved variables before updating to this version)

Version 1.27

  • Fixed group disband event
  • Slightly optimized pin refresh code

Version 1.26

  • Added new settings for group pins - you can now change group leader and meber pins to display class/role or default icons
  • Added new settings for group pin size and color you can now specify pin color for leader and group members
  • Tweaked default performance settings for better results
  • Slightly optimised legacy code
  • Updated add-on to latest API version

Version 1.25

  • Reworked group Pin generation and updates, Group pins appear and dissapear when group changes, group member pin positions now refresh at same speed as player position
  • Added missing tooltips for Player and Keep network locks
  • Fixed some rare error situations

Version 1.24

  • Added sounds for zoom events
  • Some changes in MiniMap pin processing

Version 1.23

  • Updated Pin colors to support Harven's custom Pins

Version 1.22

  • Updated zone change event to prevent black map issue (note that some areas don't have maps)
  • Updated wayshrine tooltips to reflect proper costs/availability (in Cyrodiil you can't use them)
  • Updated wayshrine click procedure to prevent its usage if player is near enough to use it

Version 1.21

  • Added key binding to reset MiniMap map view
  • Changed MiniMap border

Version 1.20

  • Fixed Fast travel pins, they should no longer take gold if you cancel travel and then use a wayshrine (needs more testing)
  • Disabled Fast travel on MiniMap by default
  • Added missing settings after LibAddon upgrade
  • Made optional FPS display on minimap (separate from /fps)

Version 1.19

  • Switched from old LibAddonMenu-1.0 to latest LibAddonMenu-2.0 settings library
  • MiniMap settings are now under Settings->Addon Settings->ZrMiniMap
  • Added position settings to settings panel
  • Some minor fixes
  • Added optional clock display

Version 1.18

  • Fixed Cyrodiil Map issues
  • Fixed Loading sequence for some very rare problems
  • Fixed some typos in settings

Version 1.17

  • Replaced obsolete button (Reset pins) in settings menu with the new Reset to default settings button
  • Added some fade background for position display to better distinct numbers
  • Refined Map update process so unwanted events dont't affect UI

Version 1.16

  • Moved Map refresh slider to Minimap Performance settings
  • Added refresh settings for Pin View and Zone data - now its up to you how fast MiniMap works

Version 1.15

  • Added MiniMap Pin tooltips (you can enable or disable them in settings)
  • Enabled mouse wheel for MiniMap zoom
  • Command /zrmm location now displays and copies player location to clipboard
  • Command /zrmm fpstest copies results to clipboard
  • Optimized overall MiniMap efficiency and responsiveness
  • Removed MiniMap square enforcement (in settings height and width are separate values), you can now have any rectangular Shape MiniMap

Version 1.14

  • Added separate zoom level for subzones (delves, cities, etc.)
  • Tuned MiniMap zoom events so they look smoother, but not FPS hungry
  • Added chat commands : /zrmm hide, /zrmm unhide, /zrmm location, /Zrmm version /zrmm reset /zrmm fpstest (see /zrmm help for details)
  • Added option to hide PvP pins and Keep links
  • Added Keep link display for Cyrodiil map
  • Improved group member pins display on the MiniMap
  • Changed default settings to recommended values (this will not alter your saved settings)

Version 1.13

  • Fixed Map texture loads upon transitions (Elden Root and similar)
  • Made Mini Map to reappear if/when proper map textures are available to be displayed (you no longer need to manually toggle Mini Map to show it again)
  • Further more improved overall FPS of Mini Map. You should see very insignifficant FPS drops while using MiniMap add-on now.

Version 1.12

  • Improved overall Mini Map FPS load. You should see improved performance while using this add-on now.

Version 1.11

  • Added new feature Current Player Position Display on the Mini Map, you can enable or disable it via ZrMiniMap settings

Version 1.10

  • Changed the way problematic maps are treated. If you enter an area which normally doesn't have a map - the moment you enter it Mini Map will hide as if you toggled it off manually, you can try to toggle it

on with a key bound to it later. When you try toggling it back Mini Map will attempt to show again, but if there is still no valid map it will stay toggled off.

  • Slightly reduced overall FPS impact on UI

Version 1.09

  • Fixed Hide Compass option

Version 1.08

  • Added MiniMap setting to define MiniMap refresh rate, it will help to alleviate FPS issues if you set a higher delay
  • Added MiniMap setting to hide zone name label
  • Added MiniMap setting to hide zoom level label
  • Fixed Clamp to screen setting (it wasn't saving properly)
  • Fixed Set Destination icon placement

Version 1.07

  • Changed Zone Name text for other locales to reflect whats dispalyed on the world map.
  • Fixed loading of some maps

Version 1.06

  • Changed ZrMiniMap settings from per character to Account wide
  • Fixed Key bindings for different locales (key binds are still per character)
  • Slightly optimized MiniMap code

Version 1.05

  • Fixed an issue of MiniMap not showing up when leaving areas without map textures
  • Fixed issue of some quest pins not updating in sync with world map
  • Changed pin scaling option from flat number to percentage of world map pin size (from 25% to 150%)

Version 1.04

  • Added a keybind to toggle MiniMap

Version 1.03

  • Added Clamp to Screen option
  • Added color pin support

Version 1.02

  • Added heading option for player pin on MiniMap

Version 1.01

  • Added Border display, you can enable or disable it via ZrMiniMap settings.
  • Fixed a minor bug of ZoomLevel variable not being loaded upon loading
  • Fixed MiniMap loading in zones where map does not exist (haven't tested it yet)

Version 1.0

  • Updated original ZrMiniMap (no new features or fixes)